Afternoon Links

Good stuff from Conor Friedersdorf here and here.

Lefties at HuffPo long for the days of segregation.

Oh what a SHOCK, more economically illiterate voters putting their neighbors out of business.

“Khamenei calls ‘Death to America’ as Kerry hails progress on nuke deal”: the perfect headline for this insanity

Shock: Lying asshole may now cause government shutdown over sequester he proposed and signed.


Argentine archaeologists find secret Nazi lair in jungle

Draconian unconstitutional laws in garbage state of New Jersey have ruined the life of an aspiring police officer.

You’ve really out-Egypted yourself this time, Egypt.

Schlichter nails it: no point in lots of defense spending when the CiC is a Leftist. There’s actually no point in more defense spending period. There’s enough money, it just needs to be re-prioritized.

Susan Rice continues to be an embarrassment.

A Lefty meme gets 4 Pinnochios for being an absolute bald-faced lie?? Well I never!

Seeking to prevent appeasement, Israeli officials went to…wait for it…France.

Mo’ne Davis continues to be incredibly mature and awesome.

SHOCK: Far Left party is a clown show.

LOL Of course!

Yeah, I don’t think so, fascists. I’ll be surprised if this (refusing FEMA funding to those who don’t toe the global warming line) doesn’t get struck down in court.

Enjoy the lawsuits, Rolling Stone.

Ugh #TheWorstGeneration

Not a human life though, right Lefties?

I have no idea if this is “signalling,” but Justice Kennedy is absolutely right here.

YES. Thank you, Internet. LIGHTERS UP.

I mean, I’m pro-flat tax and anti-woman, but they’re not related.


The city has paid a $1 million settlement to a Bronx man held on Rikers Island for more than two years without ever being charged with a crime in order to force him to testify against two gang members who had robbed him, the Daily News has learned. Incredible as it sounds, Russell Hernandez ended up serving more time behind bars than the perpetrators who nearly killed him, thanks to bungling prosecutors in the office of Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson.

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Video of the Day II

Sadly, Jen Psaki is moving from the State Dept. to the White House, so we won’t get anymore of the glorious exchanges with AP reporter Matt Lee. Here’s a good super cut from the Free Beacon:

And in case you missed this exchange from yesterday:

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Video of the Day

LOL Dying


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Afternoon Links

A Leftist wants to put people in camps? Well I never!

I thought universities were America’s pre-schools for adults

Katherine Byron, a senior at Brown University and a member of its Sexual Assault Task Force, considers it her duty to make Brown a safe place for rape victims, free from anything that might prompt memories of trauma. So when she heard last fall that a student group had organized a debate about campus sexual assault between Jessica Valenti, the founder of, and Wendy McElroy, a libertarian, and that Ms. McElroy was likely to criticize the term “rape culture,” Ms. Byron was alarmed. “Bringing in a speaker like that could serve to invalidate people’s experiences,” she told me. It could be “damaging.” Ms. Byron and some fellow task force members secured a meeting with administrators. Not long after, Brown’s president, Christina H. Paxson, announced that the university would hold a simultaneous, competing talk to provide “research and facts” about “the role of culture in sexual assault.” Meanwhile, student volunteers put up posters advertising that a “safe space” would be available for anyone who found the debate too upsetting.

The safe space, Ms. Byron explained, was intended to give people who might find comments “troubling” or “triggering,” a place to recuperate. The room was equipped with cookies, coloring books, bubbles, Play-Doh, calming music, pillows, blankets and a video of frolicking puppies, as well as students and staff members trained to deal with trauma. Emma Hall, a junior, rape survivor and “sexual assault peer educator” who helped set up the room and worked in it during the debate, estimates that a couple of dozen people used it. At one point she went to the lecture hall — it was packed — but after a while, she had to return to the safe space. “I was feeling bombarded by a lot of viewpoints that really go against my dearly and closely held beliefs,” Ms. Hall said.


…but apparently that’s not enough. Adults are now paying up to $1,000 to go back to pre-school and play with Play-Doh and finger paint. Is there a more perfect encapsulation of Obama’s America? Perpetual childhood, folks. This is where we are now as a society.

Getting in touch with your inner child has never been so expensive. The Brooklyn-based Preschool Mastermind, as it’s called, is a preschool-type experience for adults. No, really. And according to its founder, there’s show-and-tell, arts-and-crafts such as finger paint, games (think musical chairs) and even naps…Next week there’s a field trip. Then the last week of class is “parent day” when the students bring two adults of their choice to class. One woman is actually bringing her parents.

Please click on that link to see the pictures. You have to see the pictures. The bad news for ISIS is it’s hard to kill a society that’s this determined to commit suicide.

Agree with this by John Nolte and this by Jon Gabriel re: Starbucks idiotic “Race Together” campaign. Those of us who live in Real America, rather than Gentry Liberal America, don’t categorize our friends by race, sexual orientation, etc. THEY’RE JUST OUR FRIENDS. When I go to Whole Foods or Starbucks, I don’t see a black person as a novelty. I see them as a fellow human standing in line with me buying their groceries or their coffee. Out here in Real America we manage to simply co-exist with people who don’t look like us, no drama or discomfort involved.

Eric Schmidt: Google turns away 999 job applicants for each hire. But we desperately need more H1B visas!

Be sure to discuss this with your Starbucks barista tomorrow. I’m sure Obama will be making a statement about it shortly.

Petraeus is 100 percent correct.

Smug government plan fails spectacularly (duh); Lefties conclude it just wasn’t tyrannical enough, natch.

Shocking: Obama – get this – lied to a federal judge and may now be sanctioned.

I repeat, there is not a shred of evidence Khamenei has issued a fatwa against nukes, nor that it would restrain the regime if he had.

Yeah, it’s kind of the minority party’s job to be the “party of no.” I don’t know why this is such a fucking revelation to some people. (And yes, the Democrats – who started the “party of no” “obstructionist” garbage talk – absolutely deserve to have their faces shoved into their own poo now.)

There’s so much contradiction in this article about climate change it almost reads like a parody.
Scientist: “It’s unclear.”
Lefty ‘I Fucking Love Science!!’ writer: “No, it’s definitely happening.”

The UN is a horrible joke that should be burned to the ground, Part Infinity.

Dumb Democrat comes up with dumbest solution possible to protect children like Tamir Rice: make them criminals by outlawing toy guns!

Thoughts/prayers for this child. Hope they can get him out of that wretched camp ASAP.

Your feel good story of the day.

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Video of the Day

Camille Paglia is FIRED UP.

Holy crap does she talk fast. Love her though. One of my favorite intellectuals.

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EVERYONE must vote for Ted Cruz. I’m serious. Hear me out…



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Your Morning Cup of Links

Why “The Americans” is the best show on television: It’s wonderfully, unapologetically dark…and realistic. (SPOILER ALERT: Do not click on this if you haven’t watched last week’s episode).

Brute force. The Left’s answer to everything is brute force. Never forget that. In case you don’t understand why mandatory voting is a terrible idea, click here.

Benjamin Netanyahu decisively won re-election in Israel (a country which has to live in the real world, surrounded by hostile neighbors, and therefore doesn’t have the luxury of indulging the ‘hope and change’ nonsense). So of course, the very fragile Left had an epic meltdown. And here’s President Temper Tantrum, throwing his tantrum. Ace says it best:

So this is another proud moment in American history: our weakling, coward president once again making foreign policy by the She Think She All That tiffs…It’s all about Emotion with these Squeaking Schoolgirls. All the claims that Obama is “cool” and “above it all” are lies. The detachment felt there is just his indifference to America and his contempt for Americans. But when it comes to something these Mean Girls care about — their egos, their power, their standing — they’re nothing but emotion…What they’re referring to is Netanyahu’s eleventh hour campaign declaration that he won’t seek a two state solution with the terrorist regime that routinely runs over Israeli babies in cars and lobs missiles at them.

Some weaklings — maybe many — are actually the worst people to give power to, because all they think of is vengeance for past slights. Having never known power, they are all too willing to use it to punish their enemies, real and imagined. Obama is such a weakling, obviously, and so are most of his high ranking Ladyboy advisers. You just look at them and you know they’ve never played sports. And that is important, because sports does teach you something about honor, and what is required of both winner and loser after a contest. What is required is a semi-formalized ritual of graciousness which exists chiefly to forestall actual violence following a contest, because the loser has just been humiliated and the winner may be riding a bit too high and may provoke the loser into a violent response. Following a tough physical contest, when blood is hot and adrenaline is streaming, there is a raw moment of emotion where it does not take much to provoke violence.

Hence, a formalized dance of gracious acceptance and complimenting each other’s honor has evolved. But that sort of code is known chiefly by boys who have been in contests and scrapes. It isn’t known to weaklings, or man-boys who wish to pretend to be athletes, but who demonstrate at every turn they never really were much but scrubs.

Here are five lessons American conservatives can learn from Bibi.

Bullshit, you cowards. Get used to this crap, by the way.

When nuclear monitors said Iran had started testing a single advanced centrifuge last year, some U.S. politicians and analysts jumped on the report as proof the Islamic Republic can’t be trusted. To U.S. officials negotiating with Iran, it was probably just a mistake.

“I Sexually Identify As An A-10 Thunderbolt”

UCLA law professor asks perfectly acceptable legal question, Special Snowflakes have meltdown, prof gets accused of racism.

Oh wonderful. To sweeten the nuke deal for the IRGC, we’re going to lift the arms embargo too!

Deaf man spends 6 weeks in jail with no access to interpreter. Accused of stealing iPad that the owner later found.

San Diego cops respond to wrong house, kill the owner’s service dog.

In case you’re keeping track, this is a different Hillary scandal. Yes, the other one.

Jonathan Tobin takes off the gloves, gives holier-than-thou Peter Beinart a much-deserved dressing down re: the Jewish Left’s war on Israeli democracy.

The fucktards in our State Department have been retweeting the Special Groupies (Shiite militia fanboys) celebrating atrocities against Sunnis.

How all the food on “Downton Abbey” gets made.

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