Afternoon Art Break

Georges Braque (1911)


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Your Morning Cup of Links

Why does Trump’s Russia fealty matter? Because it could lead U.S. allies not to share intel, making us less safe.

The Sokal affair will never be anything less than hilarious.


The spasms of student attempts at “decolonization” are almost always ill-conceived…There’s something adorably naive about expecting the major poets of a language that was primarily spoken in one section of one island for half a millennium to be representative of all global voices. No one makes this demand of literature in other languages. We don’t expect to find Welsh, Brazilian, or Caribbean voices among the major Polish language poets…If students really want to encounter classical poetry produced by non-whites, they have options. They can study the relative handful of languages that produced significant literature before the modern period. Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Chinese, and Urdu come to mind. These are all worthy subjects crying out for more scholarship.

But there’s a catch. And it is what catches our activists out. Studying an ancient language to discover non-white voices is challenging and requires real work. You cannot pass the final exams just by repeating a number of fashionable political slogans. And perhaps activist students do not study these languages because they correctly suspect they won’t find much written in these languages that qualifies as politically correct by the standards of 2017. In fact, you will find in these literatures exactly the kind of messages that activists least like to hear. Lessons like: Humble yourself and mortify your ambitions.

This is lovely.

What a dumb time to be alive

Rand’s plan is the answer, but it will never pass

Police reform, like education reform, is a must. And in both cases, unions are the main problem.

If Pryor is the SCOTUS pick the 4th Amendment will get weaker. He’s a terrible replacement for Scalia.

Lol. Endorse.

These people are insane.

Having an IUD token in the game of Monopoly would solve several longstanding issues. It would emphasize that access to reliable birth control is an important factor that enables people to become real estate magnates in Atlantic City. It’s hard to find the capital, time, and energy to buy up property when you or your partner is unexpectedly pregnant or raising a child, you know. Until now, Monopoly has consistently ignored birth control’s contributions to capitalist society.

The forbidden fruit of Cuba isn’t cigars – it’s rum

So Trump will enter the White House under Senate investigation. For espionage.

Dogs can form autobiographical memories, research suggests

Empire of booze: No nation had more influence on alcohol than 18th-century Britain.

Why some people love snow

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Afternoon Art Break

“The Bather”
William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1879)


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Music Monday

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Weekend Art Break

“Dance at Bougival”
Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1883)


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Afternoon Art Break

“The Goldfish”
Paul Klee (1925)


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Firearms Friday


National reciprocity bill will apply to non-resident gun carry permits

Good. They should want to change it. Something else I’d like to change is the media’s terribly uninformed reporting on firearms issues. It’s pathetic. Seriously.

The Left doesn’t understand how gun ‘silencers’ work. Here are the facts.

19th Century rifles fished up 200 miles offshore continue on road to preservation

“Hunters don’t need bans to prevent them from using sniper equipment”

Best concealed carry revolver caliber on the market?

Canada to replace 1940s Browning Hi-Powers with new pistol

Colt brings back the Combat Commander 1911 for 2017


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