The Stewart-O’Reilly battle, Thomas Jefferson’s moose and other random stuff

Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly are going to grease up and fight to the death debate for 90 minutes on October 6 in a pay-per-view debate entitled, “The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium.” If only the Presidential debates were going to be this entertaining.

Don’t diss America and then challenge Thomas Jefferson to find you a moose, because find you a moose he will. A theory circulating around Europe in the early days of American independence was that the American climate could only support weak, shriveled, degenerate life. Jefferson understandably took offense to this theory laid out by  Count Buffon of France. Jefferson spent years trying to debunk the theory and it all came to a head when Buffon told Jefferson that if he could present him with the antlers of an American moose, he would pull his theory back. Read on.

If you’re an Ezra Pound fan, set aside some time and read this.

On a side note, I’ve been reading a lot over the past 24 hours about why the Newsweek cover is seen as offensive by some. I must confess I still don’t really get it. If atheist extremists in several countries were killing people and burning buildings in a fit of rage in the name of atheism and a magazine cover showed a picture of one of the mobs with the headline, “Atheist Rage,” I don’t think I would be that upset with the magazine. I would be upset with the mobs who were staining the atheist community and I would be telling everyone, everywhere who would listen that this is not how most atheists think or behave. The idea that this cover is responsible for stirring up or promoting “Islamophobia” is absurd. The extremists themselves do that and every thinking person realizes that there are many peace-loving Muslims who abhor this use of violence. It is their responsibility to speak out, it is not Newsweek’s responsibility to censor its cover or bow to political correctness. 

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