Video/Image/Quote of the Day all in one, you lucky bastards

CNN has discovered the White House is lying about the gender wage gap. And they are stunned, STUNNED. And apparently quite irritated. This is the banner they put on the screen while Obama gave his “equal pay” speech today (in which he again cited the fucking 77 cent statistic, which he knows is false)…


Going to get my popcorn and watch the White House try to get the media (who have apparently finally, FINALLY, found a lie out of this White House that they just can’t go along with) back in line. And now for the quote of the day, from today’s speech:

“Today is Equal Pay Day and it’s nice to have a day, but it’s even better to have equal pay.”

~Barack Obama

The greatest orator since Lincoln, ladies and gentlemen!


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April 8, 2014 · 5:31 pm

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