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Here are some otters playing piano. Have a good weekend.

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May 31, 2014 · 4:15 pm

Weekend Links

CBS headline: “‘Cat-loving’ American suicide bomber in Syria from Florida” You leave the cats out of this, CBS!

I don’t really find it offensive…just…baffling.

The National September 11 Memorial Museum has pulled its controversial commemorative cheese platter from its shelves after an outcry at the museum’s opening. The USA-shaped platter featured hearts over New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania, where the planes crashed on 9/11.

I just want to meet the person who thought this up. “Yes, yes, a commemorative 9/11 cheese platter. People will buy that,” said some weird dude.

CNN op-ed manages 703 words on honor killings without mentioning Islam.

Basic parenting is apparently illegal now.

A Hawaii man was sentenced to a year of probation and a $200 fine for making his son walk one mile home from school as punishment. Robert Demond told the court that after he picked his son up from school last October, he asked about a “matter that had come to his attention.” When his son didn’t respond, Demond stopped the car and told his son, whose age was not released, to walk the remaining mile to their house. Calling his disciplinary style “old-school,”Judge Kathleen Watanabe found Demond guilty of a misdemeanor charge of second-degree endangering the welfare of a minor. In addition to the probation and fine, Demond will have to take a child parenting class.

Ridiculous. Even if you don’t personally approve of his parenting decision it’s not the business of the state to make that judgment. If something bad happens to the kid as a result of the father’s decision (i.e. he gets kidnapped) then maybe the state gets involved. But pre-emptive punishment seems like a slippery slope to me.

Not sure if there’s a dumber group in the country right now than Open Carry Texas. Way to go, morons. Take it up with the government, not private establishments, you idiots. You have rights to assert against the state. You cannot assert them against private businesses.

Will the National Guard be sent in to oversee the baking of the gay wedding cake? How does this get enforced? 21st century America, ladies and gents. You will be forced by the state to bake a cake. David Harsanyi on the most disturbing news of the weekend:

The Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission has ordered a suburban Denver baker named Jack Phillips to make wedding cakes for same-sex couples, finding that his religious objections do not supersede the state’s anti-discrimination statutes. Because if the Constitution should be subordinate to anything it’s the local thought police and nuptial pastries. Raju Jaram, one of the reprehensible commissioners– whose contact information is nowhere to found on Colorado’s government site – apparently said: “I can believe anything I want, but if I’m going to do business here, I’d ought to not discriminate against people.” No, you can’t. Because Jack Phillips isn’t discriminating against gay Coloradans. Gay customers, as far as all the news stories have suggested, are free to shop in the bakery and purchase (at the same price) any of the cakes, cookies, pastries they like without ever being asked by anyone who they love or what the gender equation is in their sex life. Public accommodations, fine. But the fact is that Phillips does not want to participate in a specific ceremony because he holds authentic, well-documented, age-old religious objections to such an event…Though you, and I, may find Phillips objections lacking in merit or even objectionable, according to the blueprint of the American Founding, religious concerns should take precedent over any “civil rights” of cake seekers. Forcing Americans to violate their religion should be avoided unless there is a clear and undeniable compelling interest. Is there no other establishment that bakes cakes in all of Lakewood, Colorado? Because I found at least a dozen other bakeries in the town and surrounding areas. Two years ago, the president of the United States agreed with Phillips, yet today the latter is being run out of business for failing to evolve quickly enough. All this, when capitalism provides gay Coloradans with a bunch of pro-gay businesses they could support less than a mile away.

Sean Davis disembowels Matt Yglesias, stuffs his organs back in and disembowels him again.

No, the VA does not have a funding problem.

VA funding has more than kept up with both medical inflation and increased patient loads. An analysis of budget and cost data, as well as data on the total number of VA patients and the number of acute inpatients treated, shows that the VA’s budget has grown much faster than its workload. Even when you take medical inflation into account, the VA budget still grew faster than its patient base since 2000…Between 2000 and 2012, the VA’s budget nearly tripled, rising to $124 billion from $45 billion. Even after adjusting for medical inflation, which has grown much faster than normal consumer price inflation, the VA budget increased by 72 percent between 2000 and 2012. Over that same time, the total number of VA patients increased by 69 percent, from 3.3 million in 2000 to nearly 5.6 million in 2012. According to figures contained in the departmental appendices accompanying annual Office of Management and Budget proposals, the number of acute inpatients treated by the VA increased by only 49 percent.

This is called federalism. It is a wonderful thing that we should do more of.

Libertarian-minded and moderate Republicans joined forces early Friday morning with Democrats in an early morning House vote to block the federal government from interfering with states that permit the use of medical marijuana.

File under “Headlines You Would Never See During a GOP Administration”: “U.S. economy shrinks, but it’s not a big deal.” Have a little self-respect, CNN. Jesus.

Ugh. What a terrible person. Larry O’Conner reports:

A New Jersey assemblyman wants to force men to waste a bunch of money on cards, flowers, candy, over-priced dinners, and jewelry in August. He’s proposed a “Half Valentine’s Day” to be celebrated on August 14th every year. Quick: Guess which party he belongs to! You guessed it! The DEMOCRAT from Essex, John McKeon, says “The harsh weather in New Jersey on Valentine’s Day caused many residents to change their holiday plans and as a result, many businesses were adversely impacted and saw reductions in customer traffic and revenues compared to prior years.” So maybe this is somehow linked to global warming and carbon emissions too. As if Valentine’s Day occurring once a year isn’t enough of a bogus, trumped up excuse to bilk money out of guys who don’t want to get in trouble if they don’t bring their “A game” this guy wants to make the Hallmark-invented spend-fest a biannual tradition…To be fair, we should spread our outrage in the direction of both parties as the idea apparently originated from a local Republican in Roseland…The Republican (who should be immediately drummed out of the party with torches and pitchforks) sounds positively “Pelosi-esque” when describing the anti-man movement: “It’s a unifier. It’s a way of bringing businesses, towns, and individuals together.”

Well, SHIT.

Cynics are more likely to develop dementia, a new study suggests.Previous studies revealed that cynical distrust, or believing that others are mainly motivated by selfish concerns, increases the risk of health conditions like heart disease.However, researchers also believe that cynicism increases the risk of dementia.

Tim Cavanaugh trolls the Left so hard. The Left acts predictably (cries racist).

Kevin Williamson takes Jamelle Bouie to the woodshed.

Jamelle Bouie, whose tiresome column ought to bear the title “Jamelle Bouie Calls Somebody a Racist!”, has, predictably, misstated my views on why black voters prefer Democrats…The problem with Mr. Bouie’s argument is that he does not know what the hell he is talking about…Given that Mr. Bouie offers this criticism in the course of a column organized around the preposterous superstition that national economic conditions are substantially shaped by the party identification of the person residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — a childish fantasy with approximately zero basis in reality — I am not particularly surprised that he has not taken the time to acquaint himself with my views on the subject at hand, which would require at least a modest bit of intellectual effort of the sort that Mr. Bouie seems to find uncomfortable…Mr. Bouie is more than welcome to take issue with the argument I have made, rather than the one that exists in his imagination, assuming he can work up the energy to do so. In either case, I look forward to Mr. Bouie’s inevitable disquisition on how his intellectual laziness is caused by white supremacy and enduring nightly visits from the ghost of John C. Calhoun.

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I may or may not be too hungover to blog today, so…just…here…

Happy Friday

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May 30, 2014 · 4:43 pm

Obama slaughtered an army of straw men yesterday in another pointless speech

Elliott Abrams writes:

At West Point today, President Obama marched out his army of straw men and continued his ungracious habit of taking credit for successful actions attributable to his predecessor. But at bottom, the policy he outlined will be of little comfort to our allies and to the cause of freedom in the world. There were as many straw men as cadets. The president railed against “critics who think military intervention is the only way for America to avoid looking weak” and insisted that “U.S. military action cannot be the only—or even primary—component of leadership.” He kindly informed us that “a strategy that involves invading every country that harbors terrorist networks is naïve and unsustainable.” He thanked himself for the decision “that we should not put American troops into the middle of this increasingly sectarian civil war” in Syria, as if anyone anywhere had suggested doing so. Once again, the president caricatures the views of his critics rather than addressing them fairly—not much of a contribution to a good national debate over foreign policy…Mr. Obama began the speech by reminding us, as he always does, that he inherited two wars and “the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.” If you thought he would also, to be fair, note his predecessor’s achievements, you were wrong. Discussing Africa, Mr. Obama said, “American assistance has made possible the prospect of an AIDS-free generation,” but could not bring himself to say who undertook that effort: George Bush. When it came to Iran, Mr. Obama said, “At the beginning of my presidency, we built a coalition that imposed sanctions on the Iranian economy.” This is not only ungracious but plain wrong: that coalition in the Security Council was built by the Bush administration, which won unanimous votes there repeatedly.

When you’ve lost the Washington Post...

In his address Wednesday to the graduating cadets at West Point, Mr. Obama marshaled a virtual corps of straw men, dismissing those who “say that every problem has a military solution,” who “think military intervention is the only way for America to avoid looking weak,” who favor putting “American troops into the middle of [Syria’s] increasingly sectarian civil war,” who propose “invading every country that harbors terrorist networks” and who think that “working through international institutions . . . or respecting international law is a sign of weakness.” Few, if any, of those who question the president’s record hold such views

He does this in every speech. It’s hilariously predictable now…

“Some say Adam Sandler should be burned at the stake. Others say he should be hand-fed figs on the White House lawn. I reject this false choice.”

“Some think the second Star Wars trilogy was the best one. Others think anyone associated with it should be boiled alive. I reject both views.”

That’s the level of ridiculousness.

Ace has a good review of the speech. And of course the Twitter snark was great.

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What’s the Left up to today? Hijacking a mass murder to boost self-esteem

Take it away, Heather Wilhelm

One scene from the movie involves Melvin, in full rotten crabapple mode, getting cornered by an overenthusiastic receptionist who loves his books. “How do you write women so well?” she gushes, eyes wide and dewy. “I think of a man,” Melvin replies, his tone flat, “and I take away reason and accountability.” While somewhat amusing, Melvin’s sentiments are certainly not very nice. Unfortunately, were he a real person, and if he spent significant time on the Internet, his bias might have been confirmed this weekend, when feminist Twitter activists misspent at least three days hijacking a mass murder to boost their self-esteem. On Friday, tragic news broke out of Isla Vista, California: a crazed Santa Barbara City College student, despairing of his lack of success with the ladies—“Girls gave their affection and sex and love to other men but never to me”—apparently decided to go on a shooting spree. He allegedly ended up stabbing his three roommates (all men), shooting two young women outside of a sorority house, and killing another young man in a convenience store before shooting himself in his shiny black BMW coupe…And that’s when an odd thing happened. As the Wall Street Journal reports, “hours after a shooting rampage in this coastal college town that the alleged gunman said was ‘retribution’ against women who’d rejected him, a woman launched a conversation on Twitter about what it’s like to feel vulnerable to violence. ‘As soon as I reached my teens, I didn’t feel comfortable being outside in the evening on my own street,’ the woman wrote in one of her first posts under a Twitter hashtag called #YesAllWomen.” #YesAllWomen immediately caught fire. Hundreds of thousands of tweets later, the hashtag emerged as the top trend on Twitter, dominating the Memorial Day weekend. Women from all over the world joined in. “It’s probably one of the most important tags on Twitter yet,” declared Cosmopolitan…Time, NBC News, and the Los Angeles Times all took approving note. Some of the #YesAllWomen tweets offer harrowing tales of sexual assault. The vast majority, however, seem, well, less than empirical: “I know that not all men threaten women, but that all women have been threatened by men.” (Really? How do you know?) “Imagine the creative energy we would release if half of humanity didn’t have to devote so much time in fear of the other half.” (Yes! Then they could spend more time writing things on Twitter.)…Don’t worry, it gets much more ridiculous. Other #YesAllWomen complaints—and please, keep in mind that this is in response to a killing spree—include the following: “Here’s to never hearing a dude tell a woman to ‘smile’ ever again”; “If I don’t feign an interest in what the too-friendly grocery clerk is telling me, everyone in line will judge me”; and, my personal favorite: “When I asked for Happy Meal and didn’t specify a gender, they gave me ‘boy’ toys. Male is the default.”…There are a few awful tales of abuse, stalking, or rape, but the vast majority of tweeters basically complain about obnoxious bosses, horrible boyfriends that no person in their right mind should go out with in the first place, or some random dude wolf-whistling at them on their way into their entry-level analyst job at Goldman Sachs. In fact, if your only experience with feminism was the #YesAllWomen Twitter extravaganza, you might become convinced that the greatest concern of America’s female population is the right to be studiously ignored while wearing hot pink pleather hot pants to that entry-level analyst job at Goldman Sachs…Let’s make no mistake—sexual assault is a serious problem. The sad reality is that women have to take more safety precautions than men. But #YesAllWomen, when it comes down to it, isn’t even remotely about sexual assault. It’s not about feminism or empowerment, or practical solutions to crime (like, say, concealed carry laws), and it certainly has nothing to do with a deranged college student killing six people. It’s about taking a tragedy and turning it into “I Want To Talk About Me.”…Why, in our age of unprecedented plenty—and, at least in America, unprecedented power for women—is victimhood so appealing to so many? When complete strangers were murdered on the West Coast, why do hundreds of thousands of people, healthy in body if not in mind, enthusiastically latch on, insisting that they were victims too?

A madman killed people but, yes, it’s all about you, isn’t it? Slate writer Phil Plait – who should stick to his usual topic, astronomy – penned this ridiculous piece (which comes with a “trigger warning” because of course it does) which quickly turned into an essay about (you guessed it!) HIM and how guilty he feels about his white “privilege.” Phil is also on board with the latest made-up, non-word, referring to himself as a “cisgender” male (a man who likes women). All the eye rolls.

As Rich Lowry notes in a piece at Politico:

There is no doubt that Rodger hated women. But who watches Rodger’s final video promising to wreak vengeance on his enemies and annihilate all of unworthy humanity like a god and thinks: You know what’s wrong with that guy? The sexism. If only he were cool with women, he would want to spare humanity from his wrath. Nonetheless, the hashtag #YesAllWomen got started as a rebuke to Rodger’s toxic attitude to women. It catalogued all that women suffer from sexism. I don’t doubt that it’s hurtful, to sample some of the #YesAllWomen tweets, to be a female shark biologist told that the public isn’t ready to see you on camera, or to go to a school where a visible bra strap violates the dress code but not a “Cool story, babe, now make me a sandwich” T-shirt doesn’t. It just has nothing to do with Elliot Rodger’s condition or his crime. The media has deemed the #YesAllWomen campaign “powerful.” It is, if you believe in the power of non-sequiturs to change the world.

Mollie Hemingway provides us with the “10 Most Asinine Things About #YesAllWomen”.

It’s one thing if you’ve actually been attacked. But to complain about men even looking at you (especially in the wake of an event WHERE PEOPLE DIED) is absurd. That’s how men are wired. They’re going to look. We’ve done a pretty fine job emasculating men as it is. If we do it anymore they’re not going to be able to even produce sperm for Christ’s sake.

Charles C.W. Cooke had an apt description of the hashtag: “a cabal of online performance artists who had not only taken the ramblingly misogynistic manifesto of a very sick young man at face value but had quickly employed it as a general cudgel against all men.” Apparently, I’m one of only a few women on Twitter who can manage to get groceries without being sexually harassed by every dude in the store. You know where you will get sexually harassed (or worse) by nearly every man you encounter if you’re not covered from literally head to toe? Egypt…and at least a dozen other countries. Not here. I often wonder how women around the world feel when they see stuff like this pathetic whining or when they see Britain fussing over whether the word ‘girl’ is offensive. That’s right. Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine. A woman in Pakistan was just stoned to death by her family for the “crime” of marrying the man she loves, but some construction worker whistled at you, American lady?!? OH MY GOD. Maybe you should write the women of Saudi Arabia, telling them of your plight. Or maybe complain to this girl, whose parents killed her with acid for looking at a boy. Yes, assault and rape happens here – bad people exist all over the place – but to act like we have a culture of misogyny in this country is just wrong. A culture of misogyny is the above: where fathers kill their daughters for looking at boys, where men sentence women to be raped instead of putting their rapist behind bars. Get real, Western women.

I just hope American men know we’re not all fragile little flowers who spend all our time bitching about a small percentage of the male sex. Some of us can handle the horrific indignity of being WHISTLED AT without curling up into the fucking fetal position or creating a whiny, self-serving hashtag on Twitter. Some of us have traveled the world and realize how good we have it compared to the vast majority of women on the planet, so we don’t spend our time whining about every little unwanted glance. But apparently, this is the state of “feminism” these days: relentlessly promote hook-up culture and then whine when some men look at women as mere sex objects; rave on about how strong women are and how they should be in combat roles in the military, then cry when some guy at a bar tells you that you’re hot.

As one Twitter user put it:

Kay Hymowitz has a good piece, also at The Federalist, “Letter from a Confused Feminist.” Here’s an excerpt:

I know feminism is supposed to be about equal rights for women. I’m pretty sure that would mean that men have no right to rape their wives or threaten female bloggers, and that women who want to should have the opportunity to become astronauts or the CEO of General Motors. If that’s what it is, then I say “Yay feminism!”…But I get the sense – and please correct me if I’m wrong – that feminists mean something more than that. Like maybe not just equality but precise, numerical equivalence: the same number of men and women CEO’s, fork operators, nannies, and systems analysts, the same number of diapers changed and dishes washed, the same pay for professional basketball players, the same number of bylines in the New York Times whether in the style section or the financial pages, the same price charged for a hair cut or a dry-cleaned shirt…Can someone be a feminist and believe there are reasons other than patriarchal social conditioning for some of these gender gaps? Like, to take one example, maybe women aren’t as interested in following pro basketball as men are?…I see #YesAllWomen, the twitter hashtag implying that a mass killer, whose murder victims included 4 men and 2 women, someone sick enough to be prescribed a powerful anti-psychotic drug, is evidence not of mental illness but that we live in a misogynistic society. Or I read that we live in a “rape culture” which I take to mean most people – men mostly – think rape is hunky dory, even though rape is illegal, decried, and at an all time low. Or that if you think working class boys and men are in a very bad way in the labor market and schools, that this will make them lousy husbands and fathers, thereby ensuring a new generation of struggling low income single mothers, you are perpetuating “a myth”. So my question is can you be bothered by male-disparaging language and the predicament of minority and working class males and still be a feminist?

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Afternoon Links

Captain Incompetent and his minions blew the cover of the CIA station chief in Kabul over the weekend by sending his name and rank to 6,000 journalists, foreign and domestic. Luckily, a Washington Post reporter noticed and said, “Hey, uh, guys…” How does this happen? I mean, are they letting some dumbfuck low level staffer/intern have information as top secret as the name of the CIA station chief in Afghanistan? Or are even the people at the highest levels of the administration barely functioning retards? Which is it? I can’t decide what’s worse. But somebody’s head better ROLL (as in fired and/or prosecuted). Someone literally wrote “CIA Chief of Station” and then the person’s name on a piece of paper that had the heading “To be distributed to the press.” How dumb can you possibly be? I don’t even know how it’s possible to be that dumb. This person should be studied in a lab. Naturally, the White House is blaming the military, which is absurd, and have announced that they will investigate themselves (the usual WH answer to any scandal). Meanwhile, the poor CIA guy has reportedly fled the country so he’s not killed. For once, it’s a good thing the press corps is composed of a bunch of throne-sniffing hacks who have obliged the White House in its request that they keep their mouths shut, otherwise this person would probably be dead by now. You may not have heard much about this because the media, which shit its pants for months when fucking nobody desk jockey Valerie Plame was accidentally outed by Richard Armitage, is largely shrugging over this one. Jonathan Tobin wonders where the outrage is:

It should be remembered that it was only a few years ago that the same Democratic Party that currently runs the White House was up in arms because the name of a CIA official was leaked to the press. While initially thought to be an act of political revenge by a Bush administration seeking to get even with officials who opposed their Iraq policies, it turned out that the person who actually gave up the now famous name of Valerie Plame to columnist Robert Novak was Richard Armitage, a State Department official who was just as hostile to the White House as much of the press. But the outrage about Plame’s outing in the liberal mainstream press was universal and white-hot. An angry Washington press corps helped manufacture a crisis that forced President Bush to appoint a special prosecutor to look into an act that was proclaimed to be nothing short of treason. The prosecutor—Patrick Fitzgerald—spent millions of taxpayer dollars largely on trying to pin the leak on Bush political advisor Karl Rove or Vice President Dick Cheney. Even after he learned that it was Armitage who had done the deed and that there was no ill intent or crime to be prosecuted, Fitzgerald didn’t let up and wound up successfully prosecuting Cheney’s chief of staff, Lewis “Scooter” Libby for perjury over something he said to a grand jury about the case. Libby was innocent in Plame’s outing as well as of the perjury charge, but that didn’t stop the press from crucifying him. Even today, many Americans still think it was Libby who outed Plame and that in doing so he had endangered her life even though both assertions are false…Let’s remember that what occurred this past week was far worse than anything that happened to Plame. Plame was, after all, serving in an office in Virginia and, while classified, was no secret. By contrast, the CIA station chief whose name was released is in peril every day in Kabul. He is serving on the front lines of a shooting war and the release of his name in this indiscriminate manner may well have compromised his effectiveness if not his safety. No matter what the cause of this leak, the person who did it should be punished. If not, those throughout the security establishment who have been harshly treated by an administration that is paranoid about leaks have a right to complain. So does Libby. In the past, high-ranking Democrats such as Clinton administration National Security Advisor Sandy Berger have often gotten a pass or a slap on the wrist for security breaches that were considered serious offenses when committed by Republicans. If the press lets Obama get away with this blunder, it will be just one more example of the refusal of the national press to hold this administration to the same standards that it judges the president’s opponents.

Elsewhere in Obama administration incompetence, the geniuses over at the State Department have now apologized for tweeting support for a radical Islamic cleric who endorsed killing U.S. troops in Iraq. We are in the very best of hands, guys.

The hacks over at Politico are asking all the important questions: “Would giving Shinseki the axe be good for Obama’s poll numbers?”

Syria’s oldest synagogue has been absolutely destroyed by Assad. Awful.

A militia in Libya has stolen a bunch of our weapons, as Libya descends into utter chaos. Who could have predicted that?

Militia fighters stole hundreds of American-supplied automatic weapons and other equipment in a raid on a Libyan base where the US was training local forces, bringing an abrupt end to the secretive program, a report said Tuesday…It has been financed in part with millions of dollars in classified Pentagon spending…As well as automatic weapons, the fighters seized night-vision goggles and vehicles, it added, saying that American instructors were promptly sent home…The American trainers had issued the Libyans M4 automatic rifles and Glock pistols, and the Libyans were responsible for safeguarding them at a warehouse. But all were taken in the pre-dawn raid on August 4, believed carried out by a local militia that overpowered the Libyan guards. The American trainers were not at the training camp at the time because they would usually stay at a nearby villa, leading to suspicions that the theft was an “inside job.”

Qatar wants you to know that leggings are not pants…well…they’re not wrong on that one. Damn it.

Comrade de Blasio has found something he DOESN’T want to ban: ferrets.

Renowned poet and gun owner Maya Angelou has passed away at the age of 86. Also dead at 86 is Don Levine, who developed the G.I. Joe action figure.

National Review filled out a FOIA request to obtain National Park Service documents after the agency’s atrocious behavior during last year’s government “shutdown.” Many of them are heavily redacted – as in completely blacked out – because the Park Service did nothing wrong, I’m sure.

SyFy sees your “Shark Week,” Discovery Channel, and raises you a “Sharknado Week.”

The newly re-opened Washington Monument’s elevator has broken four times in the last two weeks.

9 “trigger warnings” for Hamlet. So good. Example:

If you, as an American, have been to France, and had French people be really rude to you, there is this little moment where Laertes actually asks permission to go back, and so that might just be too much for you. Just sayin.’

Teacher asks second graders to draw what they see in clouds. Boy sees gun. Teacher writes up boy.

“The Shawshank Redemption” came out 20 years ago. Here’s how it still keeps making money.

The most transparent administration in history will no longer provide monthly Obamacare enrollment numbers.

Google was super excited to celebrate Rachel Carson yesterday. Millions of malaria victims were unavailable for comment.

National Spelling Bee champs: Where are they now?

America, we’re on the brink of a whiskey shortage. PANIC!!

Watching “The World Wars” on the History Channel? You might be interested in re-visiting this Timothy Stanley essay: “Who killed more, Hitler or Stalin?”

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Video of the Day

Part 2 of Free Beacon’s “Al Sharpton vs. the Teleprompter” supercut. So great.

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May 28, 2014 · 5:45 pm