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Captain Incompetent and his minions blew the cover of the CIA station chief in Kabul over the weekend by sending his name and rank to 6,000 journalists, foreign and domestic. Luckily, a Washington Post reporter noticed and said, “Hey, uh, guys…” How does this happen? I mean, are they letting some dumbfuck low level staffer/intern have information as top secret as the name of the CIA station chief in Afghanistan? Or are even the people at the highest levels of the administration barely functioning retards? Which is it? I can’t decide what’s worse. But somebody’s head better ROLL (as in fired and/or prosecuted). Someone literally wrote “CIA Chief of Station” and then the person’s name on a piece of paper that had the heading “To be distributed to the press.” How dumb can you possibly be? I don’t even know how it’s possible to be that dumb. This person should be studied in a lab. Naturally, the White House is blaming the military, which is absurd, and have announced that they will investigate themselves (the usual WH answer to any scandal). Meanwhile, the poor CIA guy has reportedly fled the country so he’s not killed. For once, it’s a good thing the press corps is composed of a bunch of throne-sniffing hacks who have obliged the White House in its request that they keep their mouths shut, otherwise this person would probably be dead by now. You may not have heard much about this because the media, which shit its pants for months when fucking nobody desk jockey Valerie Plame was accidentally outed by Richard Armitage, is largely shrugging over this one. Jonathan Tobin wonders where the outrage is:

It should be remembered that it was only a few years ago that the same Democratic Party that currently runs the White House was up in arms because the name of a CIA official was leaked to the press. While initially thought to be an act of political revenge by a Bush administration seeking to get even with officials who opposed their Iraq policies, it turned out that the person who actually gave up the now famous name of Valerie Plame to columnist Robert Novak was Richard Armitage, a State Department official who was just as hostile to the White House as much of the press. But the outrage about Plame’s outing in the liberal mainstream press was universal and white-hot. An angry Washington press corps helped manufacture a crisis that forced President Bush to appoint a special prosecutor to look into an act that was proclaimed to be nothing short of treason. The prosecutor—Patrick Fitzgerald—spent millions of taxpayer dollars largely on trying to pin the leak on Bush political advisor Karl Rove or Vice President Dick Cheney. Even after he learned that it was Armitage who had done the deed and that there was no ill intent or crime to be prosecuted, Fitzgerald didn’t let up and wound up successfully prosecuting Cheney’s chief of staff, Lewis “Scooter” Libby for perjury over something he said to a grand jury about the case. Libby was innocent in Plame’s outing as well as of the perjury charge, but that didn’t stop the press from crucifying him. Even today, many Americans still think it was Libby who outed Plame and that in doing so he had endangered her life even though both assertions are false…Let’s remember that what occurred this past week was far worse than anything that happened to Plame. Plame was, after all, serving in an office in Virginia and, while classified, was no secret. By contrast, the CIA station chief whose name was released is in peril every day in Kabul. He is serving on the front lines of a shooting war and the release of his name in this indiscriminate manner may well have compromised his effectiveness if not his safety. No matter what the cause of this leak, the person who did it should be punished. If not, those throughout the security establishment who have been harshly treated by an administration that is paranoid about leaks have a right to complain. So does Libby. In the past, high-ranking Democrats such as Clinton administration National Security Advisor Sandy Berger have often gotten a pass or a slap on the wrist for security breaches that were considered serious offenses when committed by Republicans. If the press lets Obama get away with this blunder, it will be just one more example of the refusal of the national press to hold this administration to the same standards that it judges the president’s opponents.

Elsewhere in Obama administration incompetence, the geniuses over at the State Department have now apologized for tweeting support for a radical Islamic cleric who endorsed killing U.S. troops in Iraq. We are in the very best of hands, guys.

The hacks over at Politico are asking all the important questions: “Would giving Shinseki the axe be good for Obama’s poll numbers?”

Syria’s oldest synagogue has been absolutely destroyed by Assad. Awful.

A militia in Libya has stolen a bunch of our weapons, as Libya descends into utter chaos. Who could have predicted that?

Militia fighters stole hundreds of American-supplied automatic weapons and other equipment in a raid on a Libyan base where the US was training local forces, bringing an abrupt end to the secretive program, a report said Tuesday…It has been financed in part with millions of dollars in classified Pentagon spending…As well as automatic weapons, the fighters seized night-vision goggles and vehicles, it added, saying that American instructors were promptly sent home…The American trainers had issued the Libyans M4 automatic rifles and Glock pistols, and the Libyans were responsible for safeguarding them at a warehouse. But all were taken in the pre-dawn raid on August 4, believed carried out by a local militia that overpowered the Libyan guards. The American trainers were not at the training camp at the time because they would usually stay at a nearby villa, leading to suspicions that the theft was an “inside job.”

Qatar wants you to know that leggings are not pants…well…they’re not wrong on that one. Damn it.

Comrade de Blasio has found something he DOESN’T want to ban: ferrets.

Renowned poet and gun owner Maya Angelou has passed away at the age of 86. Also dead at 86 is Don Levine, who developed the G.I. Joe action figure.

National Review filled out a FOIA request to obtain National Park Service documents after the agency’s atrocious behavior during last year’s government “shutdown.” Many of them are heavily redacted – as in completely blacked out – because the Park Service did nothing wrong, I’m sure.

SyFy sees your “Shark Week,” Discovery Channel, and raises you a “Sharknado Week.”

The newly re-opened Washington Monument’s elevator has broken four times in the last two weeks.

9 “trigger warnings” for Hamlet. So good. Example:

If you, as an American, have been to France, and had French people be really rude to you, there is this little moment where Laertes actually asks permission to go back, and so that might just be too much for you. Just sayin.’

Teacher asks second graders to draw what they see in clouds. Boy sees gun. Teacher writes up boy.

“The Shawshank Redemption” came out 20 years ago. Here’s how it still keeps making money.

The most transparent administration in history will no longer provide monthly Obamacare enrollment numbers.

Google was super excited to celebrate Rachel Carson yesterday. Millions of malaria victims were unavailable for comment.

National Spelling Bee champs: Where are they now?

America, we’re on the brink of a whiskey shortage. PANIC!!

Watching “The World Wars” on the History Channel? You might be interested in re-visiting this Timothy Stanley essay: “Who killed more, Hitler or Stalin?”

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