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Firearms Friday

How far is a .45 ACP still lethal?

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Video of the Day

Matt Lee and friends ask State Dept. spokes-imbecile about Vladimir Kara-Murza’s hospitalization and efforts to have him evacuated from Russia, State Dept. spokes-imbecile appears to have no goddamn clue about any of it:

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Your Morning Cup of Links

Now that he’s old and not making popular music anymore, Snoop has decided to ditch the “bitches and hos” theme. What a guy! Lol

Half of college graduates expect to be supported by their families. How utterly pathetic.

To hide its war dead, Russia uses mobile crematoriums in Ukraine.

TLS just write 1600 words about an “Unpublished Philip Larkin Poem” that probably isn’t by him.

Unintended consequences emerging from an ill-thought-out Lefty policy? Well I never!

Our second Social Engineers-are-miserable-failures-who-ignore-the-obvious story of the day.

Boko Haram now using the girls it kidnapped and raped as suicide bombers.

If you live in Illinois, I’m telling you, get out now. Nothing good is coming.

No one will deem these undue obstacles to peace, of course, because the Palestinians – having been deemed a Victim Class by the Liberal Elite – can act as shitty as they want without ever being criticized.

“I’m not saying we should apply a blanket rule overnight to exclude anyone incapable of rational thought – animal welfare activists, Guardian columnists, single women…(I know what you’re thinking: no radical feminist would ever get to vote again. This is merely a happy by-product of the new system, I assure you.)”

Awful St. Louis County towns continue to mine citizens for revenue by fining them for every damn thing.

“What Team Hillary Wants It To Say: I’m fun, fashion-forward, and not without a sense of whimsy…What It Actually Says: I work the tapioca line at the Group Home.”

Today’s Clinton scandal: The Clintons had a ‘pass-through” LLC to conceal the source of their income.

The only shocking thing about this is that Amnesty is actually reporting it.

Hamas forces carried out harrowing extrajudicial killings, abductions and arrests of Palestinians in Gaza during last summer’s war with Israel, according to a new report by Amnesty International which also details violent interrogations that took place inside the grounds of the largest hospital in the coastal enclave. The report, entitled “Strangling Necks: Abduction, torture and summary killings of Palestinians by Hamas forces during the 2014 Gaza/Israel conflict” also details the executions of at least 23 Palestinians, some of whom were accused of acting as “Israeli collaborators” in the 2014 conflict, despite the fact that many of them were in prison even before the war broke out.

The stunning hypocrisy of Dances With Tenure gets more amusing by the day. What a fraud.

Warren rose to political prominence in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis as a crusader against big banks and a dispenser of common-sense economic advice. She campaigned for the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, intended to shield people from the predations of the mortgage and credit-card industries, among others. In her 2006 book All Your Worth, co-authored with her daughter, Amelia, Warren lists as a top myth the idea that “you can make big money buying houses and flipping them quickly.” She has made a career out of telling people how to behave in financially responsible ways, and out of creating laws that will make it illegal for them to do otherwise. But Warren bought and sold at least five properties for profit at a different time in her life, before the cratering economy and a political career made her a star.

“Have Democrats pulled too far Left?” Yes, and I encourage them to keep doing so.

Apparently, you have to pay an extra fee if you want your self-driving car to NOT hit pedestrians.

Self-infatuated weakling can’t exert power abroad. Gotta exert it somewhere, man. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ‪#‎KingOfPuddles‬


Labor leaders, who were among the strongest supporters of the citywide minimum wage increase approved last week by the Los Angeles City Council, are advocating last-minute changes to the law that could create an exemption for companies with unionized workforces…For much of the past eight months, labor activists have argued against special considerations for business owners, such as restaurateurs, who said they would have trouble complying with the mandated pay increase. But Rusty Hicks, who heads the county Federation of Labor and helps lead the Raise the Wage coalition, said Tuesday night that companies with workers represented by unions should have leeway to negotiate a wage below that mandated by the law.

FIFA executive committee member spent 6K per month on apartment for his cats


A comprehensive list of Obama foreign policy failures

Obama’s views on anti-Semitism indicate that he does not understand the nature of our adversaries. Armin Rosen and Noah Rothman have good pieces on this as well.

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Afternoon Links

Thought-provoking Michael Dougherty piece “in defense of the natural family.” I don’t agree with all of it, but it’s a really good read.

If only someone had warned that this would happen. Oh wait.

Stuck with garbage degrees from Ivy League schools, unemployable millennials flock to coding classes.

One of the Left’s favorite tactics: When you can’t win the argument, cheat!

Kurt Schlichter takes the Lefties who disgrace Memorial Day out to the woodshed.

Giving people more responsibility makes them more responsible. Imagine that!

Neville Longbottom from “Harry Potter” is all grown up, ladies…and gay men…

Totally agree with this. $30 Hot Dog Man was doing nothing wrong. The fact he was fired is a travesty. It’s not his fault people are stupid.

Oh my god, this is your dumbest idea yet, ISIS. Americans’ love for chips is deep and lasting. You will never win.

This is bullshit.

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles interpreted “patently offensive” — the language of the official regulation covering such plates — as covering any “politically sensitive and emotionally charged issues,” “regardless of the particular viewpoint espoused.” But despite this seemingly broad definition, the DMV nonetheless allowed a “Union Yes” plate and one that says “Support Police,” while excluding “Choose Life.” Seems like a First Amendment violation to me, but the Second circuit just upheld this today, Children First Foundation, Inc. v. Fiala, by a 2-to-1 vote.

Oh dear

It’s not enough to “bake the cake/make the rings” you must personally approve of their relationship. Fucking assholes.

“Whatevs, did you hear about the upsetting fictional scene on Game of Thrones last week?” -Feminists

“A young Sharia judge confided that he had watched all five seasons of ‘Breaking Bad.‘ ‘I got addicted,’ he said.”

I disagree with this result but the judge explained his reasoning and held the state to its burdens. I weep for Tamir Rice because I can see where that’s going.


Wow. Has the United Methodist Church really sunk this low?

Amazing. Iraq vet who saved Kurdish baby from death at the hands of Saddam Hussein attends her high school graduation in Georgia 18 years later.

Well, that’s not good.

“Why can’t the White House shut up about secret raids?” Because it’s full of self-infatuated man-babies?


After a 22-year-old Sikh man removed his turban to help an injured boy, a handful of friendly strangers acted quickly to return the favor. Harman Singh, who lives in Auckland, New Zealand, heard screeching wheels and ran outside to find that Daejon Pahia had been hit by a car.

“I saw a child down on the ground and a lady was holding him. His head was bleeding, so I unveiled my turban and put it under his head,” Singh told The New Zealand Herald. “I wasn’t thinking about the turban. I was thinking about the accident and I just thought, ‘He needs something on his head because he’s bleeding.’ That’s my job — to help. And I think anyone else would have done the same as me.” The turban, or dastaar, is an “integral” part of the Sikh faith that is typically only removed in the privacy of one’s home, according to the Sikh Coalition.

As television news crews traveled to the Singh’s home for interviews, the world saw a peek into the man’s accommodations — which were plain and lacking furniture. Inspired by concerned comments from viewers, the staff at New Zealand television program ONE News got in touch with a local furniture store owner and surprised Singh with a truckload of new furniture for his apartment. Singh said, through tears, “This the biggest surprise of my life.”

Sad. “A Beautiful Mind” mathematician John Nash and his wife were killed in a car crash this past weekend.

It’s a closed show trial in a “moderate” way for “peaceful purposes” I’m sure.

The U.S. has identified 7 buildings in Raqqa that make up ISIS’s headquarters...but hasn’t bombed any of them.

Oh shut up. Enough already.

28 shot, 9 dead in Baltimore; 56 shot, 12 dead in Chicago over the holiday weekend, including a 4-year-old child. But that’s just black people killing black people with no Devil White Man to scream at, so the ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ people could give a fuck.

“You’re 45% more likely to be murdered in DeBlasio’s Manhattan.” Gotta keep up with Chicago and Baltimore in the “Which Leftist Can Fuck Up A City The Most” Contest, yo.

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Afternoon Links

Hillary’s chief of staff at State threatened FOIA officers if they didn’t hide certain documents from the public.

Impossible! American Lefties tell me it’s the best care in the world (second only to Cuba!)!

Fourth accusation against Paul Nungesser falls flat. Pretty clear at this point that Crazy Mattress Girl colluded with friends to try and ruin this guy’s life.

I would say this can’t be real, but of course it can. Of course it is.

Disgraceful. 51% of Dems, 37% of GOP support getting rid of the First Amendment. This country is so screwed.

Hey “feminists,” look over here1,400 suspects in British child sex abuse investigation. Fourteen. Hundred.

There is a food vendor named Ahmed Mohammed scamming 9/11 Memorial tourists with $30 hot dogs. Only in America. “”Five fights have reportedly broken out at the stand over the last week.” ‘Merica. Not gonna lie, if I had a hot dog stand I’d probably charge the French an extra dollar too. Not an extra $30, but an extra dollar…or two…

Idiot scoldy Christian joins idiot scoldy feminists in telling people to stop watching a TV show.

Good for Ian McEwan, a good commencement speaker and a damn fine novelist.


ISIS is having a hell of a week.

Forgot this story in my Memorial Day links yesterday.

Oh good. I’m sure ISIS and Iran’s Shia militias will appreciate this kind gift.

Syrian opposition figure mystified: “ISIS fighters reached Palmyra without suffering a single air raid.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh look. A story on the Clintons’ affiliation with convicted felons.

Hooray! “Early proposed Obamacare rates hikes upwards of 40+%, insurers citing riskier pool than expected”

Baltimore PD has backed off since Freddie Gray and now homicides are up 200 percent, shootings up 800 percent.

The town of Beaver Dam sounds like a real drag.

Obama makes it clear in this interview that soon after June 30 Iran will receive ALL $150 billion in frozen accounts. Which is good since their terror proxy forces are getting a bit stretched and low on cash these days.

“If you join the EU everyone becomes gay” All righty then.


An actor, a writer and a yoga instructor and their struggle to keep their income low enough to keep Medicaid. Assholes.

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God bless us all

The Democrat presidential candidates are looking sharp this week. It’s only Tuesday and we’ve already found out that Grandma Hillary – who is selling $55 embroidered grandma pillows and hideous pantsuit t-shirts at her campaign store – is the real-life female version of every paranoid left-wing fantasy about Dick Cheney. Looks like that throw pillow should really read, “A Woman’s Place Is In Federal Prison.” And the Democrats’ other candidate – an elderly batshit socialist – says you shouldn’t have choice in deodorant because children are hungry or something. Bernie also wants a 90% tax rate because the economy isn’t tanked enough. In fairness, the Left doesn’t really have much choice. President Failure has wiped out their bench so badly they’re stuck with the elderly white loon or the elderly white snake…or an elderly white demagogue who pretends she’s an Indian when she needs to get ahead…but it appears she’s not chief running horse.

Seriously, imagine the media shitstorm if Condi Rice was trading donations for weapons contracts at State. Just imagine it.

Under Clinton’s leadership, the State Department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments have given money to the Clinton Foundation, according to an IBTimes analysis of State Department and foundation data. That figure — derived from the three full fiscal years of Clinton’s term as Secretary of State (from October 2010 to September 2012) — represented nearly double the value of American arms sales made to the those countries and approved by the State Department during the same period of President George W. Bush’s second term.

The Clinton-led State Department also authorized $151 billion of separate Pentagon-brokered deals for 16 of the countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation, resulting in a 143 percent increase in completed sales to those nations over the same time frame during the Bush administration. These extra sales were part of a broad increase in American military exports that accompanied Obama’s arrival in the White House.

American defense contractors also donated to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state and in some cases made personal payments to Bill Clinton for speaking engagements. Such firms and their subsidiaries were listed as contractors in $163 billion worth of Pentagon-negotiated deals that were authorized by the Clinton State Department between 2009 and 2012.

The State Department formally approved these arms sales even as many of the deals enhanced the military power of countries ruled by authoritarian regimes whose human rights abuses had been criticized by the department. Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar all donated to the Clinton Foundation and also gained State Department clearance to buy caches of American-made weapons even as the department singled them out for a range of alleged ills, from corruption to restrictions on civil liberties to violent crackdowns against political opponents.

This Democrat primary is going to be amazing. Corrupt Grandma and the uncle you ‘accidentally’ lock in the garage at Thanksgiving. God bless us all.

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A grateful nation remembers


As you enjoy your friends, family, and freedoms today, don’t forget what this day is really about.



To all those who paid the ultimate price so that we could be free (including those in the intelligence community, who often die thankless, anonymous, secret deaths) may you rest in peace eternally and may your sacrifice not be squandered by lesser men.


Some good Memorial Day articles:

“Americans gave their lives to defeat the Nazis. The Dutch have never forgotten.”

The Greatest Generation reflects on Memorial Day.

“Before we turn on the grill or head to the beach, we should stop at a cemetery and say a prayer or leave flowers or a flag at the grave of a fallen soldier…Remember, they died protecting you. Whether you agreed politically with their war, you owe them a wealth of gratitude, not only for yourself but for your family’s future generations.”

“Here at home the blood of our warriors — spilled for liberty — has granted us a nation greater than we deserve.”

Photo of eagle on Fort Snelling gravestone goes viral.

Enjoy your day. Don’t make it a day of mourning, for as Patton said – “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather, we should thank God that such men lived.” – make it a day of remembrance and gratitude. These brave souls gave their tomorrows so we could have our todays. So enjoy today. They died so you could.


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