Happy Hour Links

We’re purging mascots named ‘Rebel’ now.

Lol. He’s lying (at least he better be) and this is one of the few times I find his lies acceptable.

Five former Obama foreign policy hands publish letter begging him not to go through with this horrible Iran deal.

“Experts say Malware used by the Yemen Cyber Army has shown up in previous cyber attacks, all led by Iran.” Oh what a shock.

Philip Larkin will soon be honored with a flagstone at Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey.

Thomas Hardy’s original manuscript for Tess of the D’Urbervilles fell afoul of the morality police in strange ways.

As I told you two weeks ago...

It was already being described as the worst hack of the U.S. government in history. And it just got much worse. A senior U.S. official has confirmed that foreign hackers compromised the intimate personal details of an untold number of government workers. Likely included in the hackers’ haul: information about workers’ sexual partners, drug and alcohol abuse, debts, gambling compulsions, marital troubles, and any criminal activity.

Those details, which are now presumed to be in the hands of Chinese spies, are found in the so-called “adjudication information” that U.S. investigators compile on government employees and contractors who are applying for security clearances. The exposure suggests that the massive computer breach at the Office of Personnel Management is more significant and potentially damaging to national security than officials have previously said. Three former U.S. intelligence officials told The Daily Beast that the adjudication information would effectively provide dossiers on current and former government employees, as well as contractors. It gives foreign intelligence agencies a roadmap for finding people with access to the government’s most highly classified secrets.

They just stole the most personal information on every federal employee and screwed our espionage for decades, but as long as they’re helping us out with the fucking ocean, then all is well. Jesus Christ, this is the most unserious administration ever.

Treasury IG: the Lois Lerner backups were deleted accidentally a month after the originals were discovered to be lost. Who’s dumb enough to believe this? Any takers?

More Americans have been murdered in Chicago in the last 15 years than have died in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. If only they’d stop flying that goddamn Confederate flag.

Loud mouthed American dude who thinks he’s a lady makes Cambridge change its centuries-old dining hall rules because we can’t let anything traditional or normal remain.

We are so screwed.

Suspected Chinese hackers breached FBI agents’ personnel files as part of the broader attack on the federal government that has laid bare millions of people’s data, Newsweek reported. Putting FBI agents’ data at risk could have national security implications; many investigate domestic terrorist plots and foreign spies.

So very screwed.

Login credentials for websites linked to nearly 50 government agencies have been found scattered across the Internet, according to a new report from Recorded Future. The credentials — usually consisting of a government email account linked to a password — showed up on numerous public so-called paste sites, such as Pastebin, according to the findings from the threat intelligence company. The company said those sites tend to be a dumping ground for passwords acquired through various cyber attacks. More worrisome, according to the report, is that some of the government agencies did not require two-factor verification, which would make the credentials much more valuable.

Oh FFS. Apple removes all Civil War games because of Confederate flag. Even the most anti-Confederate, pro-censorship Lefties think this is dumb, right? Please tell me you do.

This is a lawless administration, Part Infinity:

A top official at a controversial U.S. export finance agency deleted text messages sent within days of the 2014 midterm elections after a watchdog group filed an open records request for the messages, the agency admitted recently. The watchdog group, Cause of Action, said the deletion amounts to “unlawful destruction of federal records” in a legal complaint filed on Wednesday. The group filed a Freedom of Information Act request on Nov. 14 asking for text messages sent or received by top officials at the U.S. Export-Import Bank from Nov. 2 to Nov. 8. Ex-Im responded months later, saying in a May reply that messages from Scott Schloegel, the chief of staff and senior vice president, “were accidentally deleted on approximately January 1, 2015,” more than a month after Cause of Action filed its FOIA request.

Everything is terrible. Come now, SMOD. I beg you.

Who the hell cares?

Slate wants to remove the Confederate flag from museums now.

“Lois Lerner Hard Drive ‘Likely Crashed Due To An Impact'” Oh. Like throwing it against a wall…or smashing it with a hammer?

Of course

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the socialist from Vermont who is now challenging Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic nomination, praised the Castro regime and Nicaragua’s Sandinista government upon returning from a trip to South America in 1985.

Confederate flags being purged from Gettysburg now.

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