Your Morning Cup of Links

This is incredibly awkward for the Iran rehabilitation industrial complex in Washington.

LOL Oh piss off. If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.

It’s almost as if there’s a strong horse and a weak horse and people choose the strong horse.

$150 billion in sanctions relief buys you this.

Sanders tells his campaign staff to stop trying to win.

Bonus of a Marco Rubio presidency: We would finally have a hot First Lady.

Emperor Palpatine voted onto Ukrainian city council

Hero dogs lobby Congress as Obama vetoes their bill

It would make me extremely happy if – after months of this clown show – we ended up with a race between two of the best ones after all.

Failed attempt to train U-boat hunting sea lions: “They were easily distracted by fish and absconded for hours at a time”

I didn’t think the TSA could possibly make the traveling experience worse. Turns out, they can!

Lying liar is lying again. Astonishing!

“say I ask you to sell Ventnor Avenue and when you don’t, I call you a dumbass”

No one cares unless it’s America or Israel doing it.

Nobel Peace Prize update: Deploying US SOF alongside Syrian forces being bombed by Russia. Deploying not enough troops to be militarily effective, plenty enough to serve as hostages. What could go wrong? Now we’re in a situation where US and Russian forces could accidentally kill each other, sparking a major war. Unbelievably stupid.


Shakespeare anniversary project set for global stage

After seeing “The Martian” I concur with Kurt Schlichter’s review. Highly recommend.

“What keeps me interested in politics at all is my loathing for the self-appointed Preistly Class of the media.” Must read post by Ace.

“Why isn’t Kate Middleton more like annoying American celebrities who never shut the fuck up?”

Good piece over at The Federalist on one of my favorite artists, John Singer Sargent.

Ben Affleck had Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail and Ambassador Chris Stevens didn’t.


Cats ARE neurotic – and they’re probably also trying to work out how to kill you, say researchers
Researchers examined personality traits of domestic cats and wild cats
Cats compared to African lions, leopards and the Scottish wildcat
Study found cats are neurotic, dominant and impulsive like African lions

“South Park’s creators are succeeding with ruthless humor, which is ultimately the only way to defeat these people: Laugh at them.”

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