Your Morning Cup of Links

Meet the ‘Dakotaraptor,’ the freaky feathered dinosaur that once roamed South Dakota

“This means that one of the largest growing trends in American faith is replacing moral codes with soppy platitudes and feel-good aphorisms.”

The person who makes these videos is horrible. Who honestly thinks this kind of thing is just wonderful?

It was the classiest image of a swastika I’ve ever seen. The best.

Scary. Tapeworms can transmit cancer cells to man.

Outside his area of expertise Ben Carson doesn’t know very much about anything, Example 5,814

World’s Greatest Cat Painting Sells For $826,000

“Democrats have sacrificed a lot for ObamaCare. The party that rode two anti-GOP waves to unqualified power has been decimated. In 2009, Democrats controlled 62 of 99 legislative chambers, 29 governorships, and substantial majorities in both chambers of Congress. Today, the GOP controls 70 percent of all legislative chambers and 32 governorships. Nearly half the population of the United States lives under total Republican control. In the Congress, Republican majorities in the lower chamber appear nearly impossible to oust in this decade and the project of retaking the Senate in 2016 now seems a daunting task despite the number of exposed GOP members in traditionally Democratic states. If Democrats were to lose the presidency in 2017, they would no longer be able to avoid taking stock of the full scale of the party’s decimation. Obama’s hold on the presidency has masked the scope of the party’s truncation.”

Trump’s disgusting love affair with seizing other people’s property continues

This is a problem for individuals to solve. Not “society.” Make better choices. If you want to work 60 hours a week then don’t have a bunch of kids. Why should everyone else have to foot the bill for your child care?

BREAKING: Iran is ruled by clever thugs and the United States is ruled by not-so-clever thugs.

Insane. The Chicago story, in particular, is insane.

If you want stuff delivered to you – instead of going to get it yourself – you get charged more, and the Times is ON IT

Could Shakespeare’s skull have been found?


The Pentagon was tipped off in 2011 by a longtime Army contractor that Russian computer programmers were helping to write computer software for sensitive U.S. military communications systems, setting in motion a four-year federal investigation that ended this week with a multimillion-dollar fine against two firms involved in the work. The contractor, John C. Kingsley, said in court documents filed in the case that he discovered the Russians’ role after he was appointed to run one of the firms in 2010. He said the software they wrote had made it possible for the Pentagon’s communications systems to be infected with viruses…“On at least one occasion, numerous viruses were loaded onto the DISA [Defense Information Systems Agency] network as a result of code written by the Russian programmers and installed on servers in the DISA secure system,” Kingsley said in his complaint, filed under the federal False Claims Act in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., on March 18, 2011.



“The challenge for the Left is that while the Republican party is mainly a coalition of ideologies, the Democratic party is mainly a coalition of interest groups, and the current model of Democratic politics — poor and largely non-white people providing the muscle and rich white liberals calling the shots — is unsustainable.”

Impossible. Obama and Kerry made Iran friendly and moderate.

Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard military force hacked email and social-media accounts of Obama administration officials in recent weeks in attacks believed to be tied to the arrest in Tehran of an Iranian-American businessman, U.S. officials said. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC, has routinely conducted cyberwarfare against American government agencies for years. But the U.S. officials said there has been a surge in such attacks coinciding with the arrest last month of Siamak Namazi.


Sad, but true, piece on the American working class

Michelle has had a horrible, oppressed life. You just don’t get how bad she’s had it, Muslim girls in the Middle East.

Hidden poop joke found in 17th century art owned by Queen Elizabeth

“Democrats keep losing control of states outside of the narrow confines of their coastal and urban enclaves. They’ll dismiss the loss of their power in Kentucky as it being just another redneck flyover hellhole, and ignore their ideological extremism, Barack Obama’s profound political failures, and increasing disconnect from the culture of the nation outside their bubbles.

We’ve thought about doing this. Haven’t quite gotten there yet, but one day…

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