Afternoon Links

An all-female Shakespeare company (which I think is stupid, but whatevs).

We have become a society averse to every sort of pain, holding up a life free of distress – even the incredibly mild distress of hearing words that might be construed as offensive – as the highest ideal. Aversion to pain easily becomes an aversion to responsibility, and the devaluation of achievement, because very little worthwhile is achieved without suffering. Despair can be defined as the absence of achievement and purpose – no sense of accomplishment looking back, no eager anticipation looking forward.”

Child soldier turned Ebola fighter

A copy of Vincent van Gogh’s ear has been made using DNA extracted from a stamp licked by the artist, as well as cell samples collected from van Gogh’s great-great-grandnephew.

“My view is that the Left is united by hatred, but we are united by love: love of our country, love of institutions, love of the law, love of family, and so on.”

In case you needed a reminder: Late term abortion is utterly barbaric.

Someone has to say this, and it may as well be me. It’s time to eject transgender people–specifically, the screeching, bullying, authoritarian trans rights lobby–out of the gay club, at least until they learn how to behave properly to the rest of us…This is not the way gays are supposed to behave. Gay culture, at its heart, is about self-expression and testing the boundaries of what can be thought and said. Gay men are where Mother Nature makes some of her boldest experiments and achieves some of her greatest successes. Alexander the Great, Alan Turing, Freddie Mercury, me.”

Modigliani nude sells for $170.4 million at Christie’s.

At the Metropolitan Opera, William Kentridge takes on a story filled with the psychosexual politics of German Expressionism.

Meet the musicians who risked their lives to bring their songs back to Mali after sharia law banned music there.

The incredible story behind ‘World’s Largest Cat Painting’

Q. How many government employees does it take to run a Twitter account? A. TWENTY.

No one cares how you feel. You’re lucky to be feeling anything, traitor scum.

Pentagon officials point out that they are already providing Manning not just with hormone therapy (daily doses of estrogen and testosterone blocker) but also with women’s underwear and sports bras — the first time the Defense Department has ever provided such care. Estimated cost of her treatment: between $18,600 and $27,600 over a four-year period. “The military has an obligation to provide for the health care needs of incarcerated inmates,” said U.S. Army spokesman Wayne Hall, emphasizing that for privacy reasons he could not address Manning’s case specifically.

Incredible. Incredible.

This started off as a joke. Then the media found one dummy who needs to get a life. And now people are acting like this is a thing people are really upset about, when it’s not.

The latter.


How pathetic. Fucking grow up.

This is so great. George Will pens a column basically telling Bill O’Reilly to go fuck himself.

Unreal. Abolish this garbage agency.

Findings of the 13 Investigates report include: The IRS accepts millions of tax returns – and issues tax refunds – even when taxpayer documents show clear warning signs of identity theft; Confidential IRS policies instruct IRS employees not to tell taxpayers when someone else uses their social security number to earn income; The IRS allows illegal immigrants to “borrow” social security numbers that do not legally belong to them; The IRS is discontinuing a program to notify taxpayers when their social security number is used by someone else to gain employment.

No, Paul Krugman, more government doesn’t make us happier.

How embarrassing. What an embarrassing week for the Left.


You can buy clip-on man buns now. I want off this planet.

This is nonsense. There’s a difference between getting aroused and actually wanting to have lesbian sex.

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