Afternoon Links

Only a man would say this, which makes sense, since he’s a man.

Word. If you want to be treated like an adult, act like one. If you want to be treated like a child, well that can be arranged.

Norwegian politicians have a problem with Russian honey traps

Professor who physically threatened student journalist keeps job. Professor who refused to cancel exam resigns under fire.

Lol. Fuck off. Universities need to be “a place of healing.” What the hell do these kids imagine they’ve lived through? No one in all of human history has had it better than these kids have it.

Mizzou finally releases poop swastika police report and photos…and some evidence that suggests it’s probably not a white kid that did it. Still unclear why anyone needed to lose their job over this.

Make America Great Again

Don’t worry, this week gets dumber. Fortunately, Target isn’t caving.

Irony is dead.

Hope and Change

This is appalling. The person who wrote this should be ashamed.

“Notably, the emoji keyboard lacks many African-specific dishes: no jollof rice, injera, or fufu.”

Obama’s America

“Female Cops Win Lawsuit, No Longer Have To Take Physical Fitness Tests.” Really advancing feminism here, ladies. Bravo.

Florida boy, 9, threatened with sexual harassment charges for writing love note


‘We hold doggie yoga classes while selling fetal brains.”

“This is not an academic study of the nude; this is a painting about sex.

“When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in ‘diversity’ and demanding ‘safe spaces.’”

New Hieronymus Bosch drawing discovered in private art collection

An adaptation from the forthcoming collection and posthumous memoir, The Spectacle of Skill, by the late art critic Robert Hughes.

Unseen Charlotte Brontë story and poem discovered

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