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The barbarians are inside, and there are no gates.

We are at war. Start acting like it. By the way, times like this are a somber reminder of why it upsets many Americans that clowns and charlatans are pretending to run for Commander-in-Chief. The person elected President in 2016 must be knowledgeable and serious about national security/foreign policy/CI. None of the current frontrunners for POTUS, from either party (Trump, Carson, Hillary, Bernie), fit that description.

Goya’s paintings exude unreality. But this — their fictiveness — is itself an aesthetic triumph, a way of telling the truth.”


You can’t parody these people. It’s impossible. $63,000 a year to attend this nursery.

Thanks Snowden! DIAF, you traitorous fuck.

Such an asshole.

What a dumb time to be alive

Two days after Paris attacks, Germany arrests members of ISIS cells. Just kidding. They’re arresting people for being big meanies to Muslims on the internet.

I was waiting for the annual “unattractive feminist is super upset about Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” article. It has finally arrived.

“Kill us last! Please kill us last!”

University forced to cancel play over actors being white

Several companies that worked on Hillary Clinton’s private server are refusing interview and document requests from congressional investigators.

“the responsibility of the United States government is to United States citizens, not to the poor suffering people of Yemen and Syria”


Belgium’s home affairs minister said that the government does not “have control of the situation in Molenbeek,” a working-class neighborhood of Brussels that has been linked to several terrorism plots in recent years.

LOL “Bangkok half-marathon becomes world’s longest after wrong U-turn”

“every time a social justice warrior humiliates other liberals, a conservative gets his wings”

Must read on the predictable, despicable media response to the Paris massacre. (Scroll down the linked page for English version).

There is no intelligence or law enforcement fix to the threat Europe faces from global jihad.

ISIS Genocide Victims Do Not Include Christians, the State Department Is Poised to Rule

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