A word on the refugee situation

Yes, America should accept refugees. We must remain, in my opinion, the “shining city on a hill,” the beacon of hope and freedom for persecuted and suffering people all over the world. That is not the question, as much as the Left is trying to make this out to be a xenophobia thing. The question is do we accept these refugees at this time under these circumstances.

Most important thing to remember: The duty of the government of the United States is to serve the best interests of American citizens, not Syrian citizens, not Libyan citizens, not anyone else’s citizens. So you must ask yourself: Is it in the best interest of the American people at this time to bring tens of thousands of military-age Muslim males into the country? I use that number because I’ve heard Democrat politicians float numbers between 65,000 and 100,000, regarding how many Syrian refugees we should accept (at least, this year). According to the UN, roughly 70 percent of the refugees coming out of Syria are young men. So, unless the administration’s policy changed (it won’t) to allow only women and children to come, we’re going to end up with an awful lot of military-age Muslim men.

This would probably make the American people less nervous if A) We weren’t currently letting terror groups like ISIS basically romp around unhindered; B) There was an end to the Syria conflict in sight; and C) We saw Muslim populations assimilating smoothly into Western societies. But, since ISIS is pulling off a mass casualty attack somewhere in the world on pretty much a weekly basis now, Americans do not feel that ISIS is “contained,” no matter how many times President SmartPower™ goes out there and lies to our faces about it. The war in Syria has been going on for four years and counting now and letting Iran and Russia run the show there insures conflict will continue for god knows how long. And, as we were reminded again this week, European countries like France and Belgium tried the “just be nice and let everyone in, it’ll be fine” approach and they now have large, unassimilated, often troublesome, Muslim populations (see: Minnesota Somali population for an example on a smaller scale at home).

This WSJ piece says it best:

It would be nice, and we would prefer, if Americans accepted Syrians the way they have so many war refugees over the decades—from the Jews of Europe, to the Hmong and Vietnamese, to Cubans and Afghans. The West needs loyal Muslims of moderate beliefs to help defeat the radicals; we shouldn’t want to alienate them. But refugees from those earlier foreign conflicts didn’t include agents who would continue the war on U.S. shores. As France is learning, Islamic State is only too happy to use the Syrian diaspora to plant its agents to kill the French. At least one of the killers on Friday is believed to have migrated from Syria through Greece and into Paris. Nearly all of the other migrants, Muslim and Christian, have no such bloody intent. But can you blame the average American for refusing to volunteer as a next door neighbor?

If Mr. Obama fought Islamic State with half the vigor with which he delivers moral lectures, he’d find that a much less fearful America would welcome far more refugees.

As for the “vetting” process, there’s no reason to believe, at this point, that this administration is capable of competently doing anything. So no, I don’t trust them to carefully vet these refugees.

My position from the beginning has been to make Syria a livable place again so the Syrian people can stay home. The Left’s solution is apparently to just move everyone to Europe and America.

I’m also sympathetic to this argument:

Many, if not most, of the refugees are men of military age. How about we take in women and children and the men put down their selfie-sticks and join our little ‘moderate Syrian’ army? If they aren’t willing to fight for their homeland, their freedom and their families, then we have zero responsibility to care for them.

The laudable desire to help refugees escape from ISIS and Assad does not justify completely suspending consideration of practical reality. As Ben Domenech wrote:

It is possible to believe two things: 1. That the United States should, out of compassion and humanitarianism, welcome as many Syrian refugees as we can prudently take in. And 2. That the number we can prudently take in is zero. There will be voices of rational and prudent concern on this issue, from the right of course and from vulnerable Democrats, but they will be drowned out by the easily anticipated media frame of the issue: that these Republicans are racist and xenophobic, that their backwards supporters have no basis whatsoever for believing these refugees contain people who may want to kill and terrorize, and that they are terrible Christians for being so obtuse. It is an obvious frame, but it will also run into a problem: polls will indicate that what these governors are doing is absolutely supported by their constituents.

Remember something as you watch the refugee coverage coming in the next few days, highlighting the xenophobia and underlying bigotry of Americans and particularly Republicans: the other side of this argument will not actually engage in a debate. They refuse to admit any possibility of cynicism or skepticism about the virtue of this approach. They jump right past the point of admitting that yes, some terrorists could be among this migrant population, and that yes, this could potentially lead to the deaths of hundreds or thousands of innocent American civilians. And in doing so, they skip right past the argument they would need to make – that those risks are worth it. They won’t even admit there are any risks. And that’s why their position – noble, pious, and insulated – will find little truck with Americans who have more practical concerns, such as: will any of these people try to kill me? The media’s response to that question may be: That’s racist or bigoted or backward. But that is not an answer that will satisfy.

So, Lefties, stop acting like everyone who believes maybe we should pause and think twice about this is racist.

It’s complicated and it’s serious. By the way, the moral preening about refugees from the same people who’ve been cheerleading the SmartPower™ which created this refugee crisis in the first place is nauseating. Dial it down. You have an opportunity to attack Republicans, so now you suddenly care about the children after being silent through four years of Assad barrel bombing and gassing them. Give me a fucking break.

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