Firearms Friday

President Obama announces record gun sales for 2016

Gavin Newsom’s imaginary NRA

Dear idiot Leftists,
The “terrorism watch list” is a due process nightmare, especially for Muslims. Learn what you’re talking about before you open your mouth, for once in your lives. The NRA is absolutely correct here.

The Most Important Gun In World History Is An “Assault Weapon” From 1790

How and Why to Clean Your AK-47/74 Rifle

Poll: Rich White D.C. Residents Favor Gun Ban, Poorer Black Residents Don’t

Sixty-one percent of those making more than $100,000 per year supported the ban—whose racial makeup was not specified—while only about 40 percent of those making less than $50,000 did.

One resident the Post spoke with said a gun ban would violate the Second Amendment and guns aren’t to blame for gun violence. “Isn’t that in the…the 2nd Amendment, no they shouldn’t ban guns,” Idriis Bilaal, 88, a resident of D.C. who lives north of Capitol Hill, told the paper. “Guns don’t kill nobody, they just lay there. A man should be able to own a gun if he wants to. It doesn’t mean he has to use it wrongly.”

In particular, black residents that live in areas of D.C. that have experienced a 50 percent increase in robberies at gunpoint this year, were the least supportive of an outright ban.

What a shock. Poor, minority people who actually have to fear for their family’s, and their own, safety would like to be able to defend themselves. Rich, white liberals who don’t have to worry about such things, would like to make sure they can’t.

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