Your Morning Cup of Links

Burn it all down and salt the earth

Mother Jones: Democrats should hide what they really think about the refugee issue in order to get elected

The crisis is Islam

Millennials are shocked SHOCKED! that Islamists don’t like them.

What a dumb time to be alive

Ok…are they flowers that shoot bullets?

Bret Stephens with an excellent column on the stupidity of making a fetish of tolerance for the intolerant.

“Today Bobby Jindal…the governor who turned around his state from the depths of despair after decades of corruption and the body blow that was Hurricane Katrina, who accumulated a sterling record of conservative reform in school choice, health care reform, economic development, crisis management during the Deepwater Horizon leak and the Obama administration’s subsequent temporary ban on offshore drilling, who brought to the field a wide range of experience at the state and federal level and an unparalleled depth of policy knowledge…dropped out of the race.” So, all the actual conservatives with actual governing experience are now out of the race. The first three out are the guy with the best governing record, the best guy at beating the Left, and the smartest guy in the race. Heckuva job, GOP voters.

When Jerry Brown, Governor of the People’s Republic of California is like, “um, wtf is wrong with this administration?”

Brown said he favored continuing to admit Syrian refugees but wanted the federal government to hand over information that would allow states to keep track of them, the GOP state official said. McDonough responded to Brown that there was currently no process in place to give states such information and the administration saw no reason to change the status quo. The nongovernmental organizations that help resettle the refugees would have such information.

Brown countered by noting that state law enforcement agencies have active investigations into suspected radicals and that information about incoming Syrian refugees could help maintain their awareness about potential radicalization. He suggested the U.S. had to adjust the way it operates in light of the Paris attacks. McDonough reiterated his confidence in the current process. While promising to consider what Brown and other senators had said, he emphasized that the administration had no plans to increase information sharing on refugees with states as of now.

America’s ridiculous refugee debate

“The Cat in the Hat does not recognize the urgency of our need to address issues surrounding race and social justice”

Good thing they’re “contained,” guys, otherwise this could really be bad.

As predictable as the sunrise. Assadism (Chekism) 101: create problem (almost always terrorism), then offer to solve it – in exchange for concessions, of course.

John Oliver, the Cult of the Left, and ontological cowardice

A frivolous people in serious times 

Obama voters smh

Shortly after they signed up for insurance last year, her husband rushed her to the emergency room when she experienced dizziness. The visit, which included a CT scan of her brain, cost $1,700. She paid the charge from her savings, then returned to her native Ethiopia, where care is cheaper, to consult a neurologist and seek follow-up care.

“I support Obamacare. Without it, I wouldn’t have any type of insurance. But I’m not sure it’s worth the money,” said Kahsay, a US citizen who is registered as an independent voter. “Now, unless I get very, very sick, like only if it’s life-threatening, I won’t go to the doctor. I just lay down and take a rest.”

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