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I’m right again. Science says art does heal.

Belgium is over, and they did it to themselves. How pathetic. Other countries in Europe won’t be far behind. America has a ways to go, but we’ll probably get there, hopefully not in my lifetime. God help the children.

SHOCK: Female firefighter who was allowed to graduate from the Fire Academy despite failing physical tests because “fairness/everyone gets a trophy” is on medical leave 10 days into the job.

Destroying classified reports so the IG can’t see them…people used to go to jail for that. Remember when the Left thought cooking intel was wrong? Those were the days.

Five Victorian beauties and what they tell us about their times

This guy is supposedly running to be Commander-in-Chief

This is like something Mark Steyn would sarcastically make up to illustrate debilitating European frivolity…but it’s real. The “contained” terror group has put the capital of Europe on complete lockdown for three days now, FYI.

The postmodern West has no core values and no real will to survive and that’s why we will lose.

This is why all those cute little memes about how no refugees have been arrested for terrorism (which isn’t even true, Obama paused the Iraqi refugee program for six months in 2011 because terrorists were infiltrating it) are all post-9/11. If you go back to the 90s, the picture changes.

“It’s the one-two punch of the modern Left. Destroy your culture or we’ll call you a racist. Well, what a shock it will come for all these people when one day they discover that while they were playing their games of cis hermeneutics and insincere one-upmanship, the real world (away from the conceits of mewling students and secretaries of state) was going on much as it always has done.”

Two Palestinian teenage girls stab 70-year-old Palestinian man with scissors after mistaking him for a Jew.

Obviously there are good Syrian refugee families coming here who are grateful and will be great Americans. That’s not the point.

Welp. We had a good run, humanity, but the microbes have won.

Lol. “Just ban it!” Oh, Lefties. You never cease to entertain me.

The UK continues to commit suicide.

A pre-Christmas advert featuring solely the Lord’s Prayer has been banned from Britain’s biggest cinema chains for fear of causing offence, to the bewilderment Sunday of the Church of England.

In the 350 or so years since Johannes Vermeer captured the everyday 17th-century Delft scene of The Little Street, one question has remained: where is it? Now a leading Dutch art historian says he knows.

US found about 300 ISIS tankers – that’s between 1/4 and 1/3 of their entire fleet – all lined up, out in the desert. Destroyed less than half of them because we ran out of ammo. Inexcusable. I heard rumors about the little tidbit quoted below over the weekend and thought “this can’t possibly be true, not even Obama would do this” but I was wrong, it’s true. Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

Journalists had another question: If oil is vitally important to the Islamic State, why didn’t the U.S. hit the tanker trucks long ago, given that the American anti-ISIS operation began in September 2014?…Warren explained that American officials were deeply worried about harming the truck drivers, who were working for the Islamic State but might not be ISIS themselves. U.S. officials settled on a plan to drop leaflets on the trucks about 45 minutes before the raid, warning the drivers that an attack was coming, while U.S. pilots flew low passes over the area.

Belgian justice minister unhappy that Islamists are no longer limiting themselves to Jewish targets, but targeting the “public” now.

Amazing. Like everything else, the Left has turned the refugee vetting interviews into PC garbage so, yes, you’re right to have absolutely no faith in the vetting process because it basically doesn’t exist.

“How to DESTROY Your Crazy Relatives Who Think Bad Thoughts at Thanksgiving.” This is just a pretty good life guide to follow any day of the year tbh.

lol nothing matters

Sowry, but we are badly in need of a dose of Canadian wisdom on immigration. Canada is so good aboot immigration policy.

Hungarian couple finds collection of long-lost Holocaust documents inside Budapest apartment walls

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