Your Morning Cup of Links

Al Qaeda affiliate Al Murabitoon claims credit for assault on Radisson hotel in Mali one day after the Global Village Idiot declares AQ “neutralized.”


Illinois students give the BLM folks a taste of their own medicine.


Auf wiedersehen, Deutschland! 900,000 refugees entered Germany so far in 2015. If even just 1% need watching that’s 9,000. German intel can’t watch the 6,000 Islamists who are already in Germany.

“Conservatives are always at a bit of a disadvantage in the theater of mass democracy, because people en masse aren’t very bright or sophisticated, and they’re vulnerable to cheap, hysterical emotional appeals.”

“Nowhere in his rhetoric will you find any reference to America’s pre-existing cultural and legal traditions, or to the necessary bounds that free men insist be imposed upon the state. There is no talk of ‘freedom’; no reflexive grounding of ideas in the Declaration and the Federalist Papers; no conceptual explanation or underlying philosophy. There is nothing, except will to power…There’s a word for men like that, and it sure as heck isn’t ‘conservative.'” Trump has socialistic views coupled with a nationalistic outlook. There’s a name for such an ideology: fascism. It’s not conservatism. It’s not liberalism. You’re supporting a fascist, Trumpkins.

Profiles in courage

I’m conflicted about this story because I love puppies but I hate Putin.

Ben Domenech on how the RNC fucked up the debates and accidentally helped make Trump happen.

Best plane ever

Students at the University of Ottowa cancel yoga class because it’s “cultural appropriation.”

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