Your Morning Cup of Links

“The average federal worker’s compensation is worth $119,934, nearly 80% higher than the average in the private economy.”

Must-read longread by Michael Weiss: “Confessions of an ISIS Spy”

“Turn the lights out, burn it all down”

Sleep tight, America.

What a time to be alive. Sourdough, I presume.

“If it’s okay to invent facts in service to a greater truth, then we might as well become leftists.”

Posthumous collection of Christopher Hitchens essays comes out today for the Hitch lover on your Christmas list.

YES. Beat Marmot Head to a bloody pulp.

A history of tap dancing

Judy Garland’s Sweat-Stained ‘Wizard of Oz’ Dress Fetches $1.5 Million

Descendants of Greta Moll Threaten to Sue National Gallery Over Stolen Matisse Painting


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