Happy Thanksgiving!



Happy Thanksgiving, guys! I’m the luckiest jackass in the world. So thankful for my wonderful life. Hope everyone enjoys their family and friends today. May your hearts and your bellies be full. Eat, drink, and be merry! (And Go Bears!)

Ben Domenech: “Thanksgiving serves as a reminder that for us today, compared to the history of our country and the planet, all the problems of modern America are rich people problems…Tomorrow blue collar working stiffs across the country are going to eat feasts that would put all but a handful of emperors in history to shame. The United States in 2015 is still the envy not only of every country in the world but every country in history. Our controversies are the controversies of a nation that has prospered to an unbelievable degree…America is not without her faults. But it has within its people a stoic spirit that for all the weaknesses of an era of soft heads and hearts is still firm as iron. When the world is at its worst, we are at our best. So let us be thankful for this: that we are incredibly fortunate to be Americans…We have the blessing and the privilege, whether born to deep roots or newly arrived from strange lands, of being the greatest people in the history of the man. The world is dark. But there is a light in the darkness, and it is us.”

Kevin Williamson: “Thanksgiving even more than Independence Day puts me in mind of the American idea; July 4 is about the American mode of government and political liberty, but Thanksgiving is about the much older American nation, which precedes the Declaration of Independence. Thanksgiving is about the weird ancient America, the religious fanatics and explorers and utopians and opportunists who came to what were then savage shores to freeze and starve and fight…What we built here wasn’t only good — it was better, better than anything the world had seen, and we shouldn’t give a second’s hearing to those who say otherwise…If we look back on the 18th century and sometimes wince, it is because what we built here inspired us (and the rest of the world) to dream of better things, and a better kind of life, than had seemed imaginable…Lots of places have good farmland, natural wealth, and navigable bodies of water: If that’s all it took, we could have all stayed in England or Bavaria or wherever. But we have something more: We’re crazy. Our forefathers crossed freezing oceans on little rickety boats because they had some odd ideas about how things should be done. We still do, which is why half of all the good things of our time were cooked up in garages in California.”

Charles C.W. Cooke: “We gather together because…we are the heirs to an extraordinary tradition and we have a great deal for which to be thankful…For a few short hours, we might reflect upon our remarkable fortune. And what fortune it is! To live in the United States in 2015 is to live better than almost every human being who has ever existed.”

Michael Tanner: “We should not allow the daily parade of grim headlines to obscure the progress that we have made. Think about it. Is there any other place or time you would really rather be living? We don’t need to make America great again. America is great. And this is a great time to be alive. So, as we sit down to our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, we should turn off the TV news and keep in mind that we really do have a great deal to be thankful for.”

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