Afternoon Links

Some real winners among the professors at Mizzou. First Melissa Click, now this.

Maybe the children can learn about trans people at home and schools can teach them, like, math and grammar and history and shit. Crazy idea, I know.

Car mechanics worldwide shut the garage and turn on the cars as Pirelli replaces nude Brazilian supermodels with Yoko Ono and other unattractive feminists. It’s almost like the basis of modern feminism is just an absolute hatred of men.

He did it, guys. He finally did it. He cancelled Christmas.

“In July 2015 a terrorist sleeper cell linked to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula abandoned a planned terror attack on the Bunny Ranch brothel and turned themselves in to local law enforcement after experiencing ‘bikhayr zayn jidan’ during a three-night stay at the Trump Hotel Las Vegas.”

Yesterday’s Giants, Today’s Dwarves:

At some point, we pajama boys of the 21st century must concede that the Neanderthals of the past could endure things unimaginable in the present…On campus, violations of the Bill of Rights, obsessions with race rather than character, inflated and puerile self-regard, adolescent self-indulgence and materialism, along with epidemic factual ignorance, inability to speak and write coherently, and the loss of inductive reasoning may ensure that the early 21st century will be judged as an era of anti-Enlightenment ignorance — with the twist that never have such pampered people so little deserved all that they inherited.

Four old ladies bet more than $10 on a game, so naturally the cops showed up because this is the dumb world we live in.

The wonders of Czech book design

Ohio police respond to suicide hotline call, break into the wrong house, kill the family dog.

So true: “Slave Leia Is the Hero Feminists Need, But Do Not Deserve”

Why is Germany so obsessed with Hamlet?

Good way to cut your tip in half.

Menu labeling may be taking our eye off the ball. By offering us what seems to be a solution, it may prevent us from trying other things that might work better. Previous work in Health Affairs showed that training servers to ask if customers might like to downsize three starchy sides induced up to a third of customers to order and eat 200 fewer calories per meal.

“Maybe you should only eat half the baked potato.”
“Maybe you should go fuck yourself.”

Mike Doran’s essay on how Obama surrendered to Putin is damning and depressing.

Every. Time.

A black alumnus of Kean University was charged by police Tuesday for making series of anti-black death threats against the university over Twitter.

In the midst of the November student protests at Missouri University and Yale University, nearly 100 Kean students took part in rallies against racism. But shortly afterwards, a Twitter account called @keanuagainstblk promised violence against black students, making both bombing and shooting threats. “i will kill every black male and female at kean university [sic]” the account promised.

But police tracked the tweets backs to Kayla-Simone McKelvey, a former Kean student and one of the leaders of the protests. According to police, “McKelvey left the [protest], and went to the college library, a few steps away, where she set up a Twitter account under a handle meant to conceal her identity.”

Investigators then claim that McKelvey “returned to the demonstration and made reference to the posts, in an apparent attempt to increase the urgency of her event.”

“I bought a pair of scissors and then we boarded the light rail and looked for Jews to stab.” 11. Years. Old.

This is amazing: “Community representatives reassure refugees: there’s no need to fear ‘Christmas devils'”

Jim Geraghty on the Left’s ridiculous, hypocritical on-again, off-again arguments about ‘dangerous rhetoric’ leading to violence

Today in Lefty Academic Shitheads:


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