Firearms Friday

Aim small, miss small:

Gun sales at all time high for 7th month in a row, set Black Friday record. Thanks Obama! And based on their rhetoric this week it looks like the Left wants to make it a record Christmas for gun sales too. Keep talking, guys! You’re the best gun salesmen ever. Americans bought enough guns on Black Friday to create a new military branch.

If you don’t own military-grade weapons, you’re failing as a citizen


Detroit police unions challenge NFL handgun ban

The media’s mass shooting count is complete garbage, as even the editor of Mother Jones points out. Apparently some random gun control advocate on Reddit redefined the meaning of “mass shooting” and your Lefty intellectual betters just ran with it and that’s where these bullshit numbers you’re hearing are coming from. Amazing. But they know they can get away with it because they understand their cult followers will just believe whatever they say, without even a thought about it.

The Left’s cynical gun control reflex 

How guns helped secure civil rights and expand liberty

The New York Daily News‘s dumb cover is actually half-right. GOD didn’t reduce gun violence to the lowest level in 20 years. WE did.

Cathy Lanier is highly confused about concealed carry

An overview of California gun laws. And, as usual, none of the laws Obama and friends propose would have stopped this.

Anyone Who Would Use Terror as an Excuse to Subvert the Second Amendment Should Be Tarred & Feathered

Would cracking down on guns in the U.S. really reduce violence? (Spoiler: No).

Concealed Carry: What To Do When Stopped By The Police

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