Your Morning Cup of Links

Sounds right: “People who like pseudo-profound bullshit have lower intelligence, researchers find”

Correct: “If Assad is not forced out, ISIS will never be”


You’re so wrong on Syria, Ted. Hire a new adviser.

Dear god

University accuses janitor of racial harassment for reading a history book on his break

The Greatest Generation: “The Churchills spent around £1,160 each year on wine—£104,400 in today’s money”

Lulz. Oh yeah, I’m sure ISI has Top Men on it. Top. Men.

Great Jonathan Last essay on the base motive – power – of the petulant little fascists taking over American college campuses.

“Americans who believe our political and media structures are proof that everything is meaningless and nothing matters because civilizational doom is imminent have been vindicated once again. There was a horrible shooting in California, and the Republican frontrunner sat for an interview with Alex Jones, the ‘amazing’ 9/11 truther and gay frog evangelist, while a Democrat presidential candidate performed a freestyle rap: ‘Guns, guns, guns, I don’t like them guns.’”

It’s like the SJW Special Olympics:

Radical Muslim students made death threats while interrupting a lecture on blasphemy by a prominent human rights activist, it was claimed today. Maryam Namazie, who fled Iran’s repressive regime and now campaigns against Islamic extremism, was speaking at the Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society of Goldsmiths in London. However, the event on Monday night was disrupted by students from the university’s Islamic Society – which claimed that it would ‘violate their safe space’ because of Ms Namazie’s outspoken views…The Islamic Society spoke out in advance of the talk – titled ‘Apostasy, blasphemy and free expression in the age of ISIS’ – insisting Ms Namazie should not be allowed to speak because of her ‘bigoted views’.

So, Trump apparently has ties to Russian organized crime (and therefore, Putin).

Absolutely nothing.

Spooks show Obama has been lying massively to the American public.

How Jane Austen’s Emma changed the face of fiction

ICYMI last week, our brilliant media wrecked an FBI crime scene.

How are liberals not just absolutely appalled and embarrassed by this presidency at this point? JFC

Tip for Dems: Maybe some people would trust you more with gun laws if you had any fucking clue what you’re talking about.

Reports continue to prove my theory that wifey was the mastermind of the San Bernardino attack (and possibly an ISIS honeypot) and that she radicalized him, not the other way around.

Good Rick Wilson piece on why Trump’s 9/11 lies should be an insult to every American.


Less than a month after it was revealed that the UK is planning to drop feminism from the politics A-level, every 16-year-old in Sweden is being given a copy of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s call to arms, We Should All Be Feminists.

Trumpkins really are their own horrible little political party. They should seriously start their own and leave the rest of us alone.


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