Your Morning Cup of Links

“They Helped Erase Ebola in Liberia. Now Liberia Is Erasing Them.”

Researchers study the art critic in our brains

Water Bears Are the Master DNA Thieves of the Animal World

“When it comes to Donald Trump, I hate everyone”

I bet most American women don’t know that the Feminist Sisterhood probably just signed them up for the draft.

What a dumb time to be alive

A man is actually suing the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for exhibiting masterpiece paintings of Jesus Christ because Jesus is white and blond in the paintings — and that is racist. Justin Renel Joseph has filed a lawsuit in the Manhattan Supreme Court alleging that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 demands that the four paintings be removed, according to an article in the New York Post. “They completely changed his race to make him more aesthetically pleasing for white people,” he told the Post. “I’m suing a public venue which by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 can’t discriminate on a protected basis.”

Joseph said that seeing a white Jesus in Ricci’s “The Holy Family with Angels,” Perugino’s “The Resurrection,” Tintoretto’s “The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes” and Granacci’s “The Crucifixion” caused him “personal stress.”


Unreal. Do these fucking dummies know that the Attorney General of the United States is named Lynch? Should she resign so they don’t feel “microaggressed”?

Frank Sinatra was the greatest singer of American songs

“The first of the book’s million microaggressions is its embrace of the notion that males are a unique kind of person and not just females who stand in the bathroom.”

The Constitution is not incidental

The problem is that the elite modern left thinks all these things which are essential to the American experience are just incidental. They see no connection between Constitutional freedoms and the character of the people; between religious liberty and church attendance and family breakdown; between gun ownership and self-reliance and respect for property; between crushing free speech and destroying our capacity for free thought and creativity; between the loss of American stoicism and the all-encompassing welfare state. They see these originating factors as irritants or unimportant, and think they can all be gotten rid of without fundamentally altering the nature of who we are as a nation.

The liberal elites do this in part because such things are incidental to their own daily lives. Casting aside the Bill of Rights won’t fundamentally change who they are, at least not in any near term. So because you do not use guns, you don’t care about people who do, and you cannot understand why they would ever need or want such things. Same with church. Same with awful public schools, in neighborhoods you would never live. Your tribe of social justice warriors who left the campus will be just fine, so long as the government isn’t threatening gourmet coffee shops or wifi access or prestige cable dramas.

Media jumps the gun (shocking, I know), attacks Justice Scalia for perfectly reasonable question

Brush up your Shakespeare: Read the complete works in a year

How the Left created Donald Trump

The allure of literary anonymity

The constitutionalist and legalist streak in the Republican party is a good thing. It’s a shame that some are abandoning it.

Rick Perry nailed it then and his words ring even truer now.

This makes me so happy. I can’t stop watching that gif and smiling.


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