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If you only read one thing today, read this: “In Memory Of My Brother, Who Died In The San Bernardino Attack”

He believed in defying the barbarian by living just as we choose: freely, tolerantly, skeptically, joyfully, laughingly, humanly…We defy evil and envy when we live. Living in this world sheds light into darkness. It is all we can do, and all that needs to be done, and it is more than enough. Therefore, we shall live. We shall be joyful, hard-working, silly, creative, and smart and sexy and brave and fun. Be a brief candle that helps spread another light.


Establishment Republicans who are focused on winning elections have absorbed data on the changing face of the American electorate and shudder at the thought of what a Trump candidacy would mean not only to their prospects of retaking the White House, but of maintaining their Senate majority and branding the GOP as a party welcoming to minority groups and younger voters.

But beyond the establishment Republicans, there are professional conservatives — who I’d define as conservative commentators, think tank analysts, and activists — who are committed to advancing a conservative policy agenda, often putting them at odds with the GOP establishment. They’re also largely anti-Trump, and wince at the prospect of a Republican nominee who has steadfastly rejected limited government conservatism.

These Republicans and conservatives dread the idea of liberals, for years, being able to throw Trump back in their faces every time they explain that conservatism is really about reforming and shrinking the federal government so its size and scope is closer to its constitutionally limited role. The idea of Trump as the nominee will overpower polling evidence that his support is not coming from ideological conservatives.

This sounds both terrible and awesome.

Art after Alexander at the National Gallery

“French National Front party draws more votes from left than right.” Yes, because – like Trump – one of its tenets is absolute protection of existing pension/welfare benefits.

The Worst Generation: “60 percent of millennials back ground troops against ISIS. 85 percent wouldn’t serve if more troops were needed.”

Good Cooke piece on Scalia, who the idiot Left is crucifying for doing his job.

The Trump cult of personality and its talk radio enablers (minus Beck, Hewitt, and Medved)

Facebook censors Golda Meir quote as incitement, ignores “Death to America and Israel” group

Nooooooooo! I hate it when my girls fight.


She was tormented by the memory of how easily she had addressed her attackers from a position of reflexive white superiority. The Lomaxes gave away or threw out most of their belongings and now live in a modest cottage with 11 dogs

Assad is a monster.

Get a life, people.

Another compelling case for The Empire

If elected, Dictator Trump will bypass Congress to exercise powers that don’t reside in the federal government. Sounds like a guy I know.

Ted Cruz has really been pissing me off lately and this lady explains why better than I could:

See, I was under the assumption that Cruz was a man of principle. I thought he would stand for what was right, and I thought that he would tell the brutal truth to his following no matter the cost. I was convinced that he was a rare breed in the political world. Now I’m scorned. So for me it’s not about fighting the opposition, it’s about the fact that I feel the sting of betrayal. I feel the bitterness of respect lost, and I feel the cold revelation of disappointment… Ted Cruz is not a dumb man. Ted Cruz is well aware that Donald Trump is the furthest thing from a conservative. Ted Cruz knows for a fact that Donald Trump stands for socialist policies, liberal ideals, and a dangerous agenda. Being honest to you about that is not as important to him as gaining votes from the Lord of Darkness. That’s just the facts. He’s betrayed every conservative tribe except the Comanche faction. He’s no longer vying for conservative votes, he’s pandering to the GOP’s “Obama” voters. He’s too much of a wimp to tell you that, though.

Cruz can be a principled conservative who stands up for conservatism or he can be a calculating politician who will say anything to win. I always thought he was the former, but it’s looking lately like he’s the latter. I understand the argument from people who say attacking Trump hasn’t worked for anyone and as long as Cruz beats him who cares, but the playing Reek to Trump’s Ramsay Bolton is just too much for me. It sickens me. If you don’t want to attack Trump, fine, but then just ignore him. Don’t praise him, for fuck’s sake. Cruz practically single-handedly revived the Constitutional conservative right. Seeing him suck up to big government Trump makes me puke. Also, Cruz’s foreign policy sucks, as Bret Stephens, Eli Lake, and Lee Smith note. It’s way too similar to Obama’s. I’ll still vote for the guy if it means saving us from Trump or Hillary, of course, but I’ll pull the lever much less enthusiastically than I would have a year ago. At the end of last season of Game of Thrones, Reek started showing signs of telling Ramsay to fuck off. Hopefully, that’s what happens at the debate tonight. But I’m not going to hold my breath. I’m not sure why Cruz thinks Trump’s voters will jump over to him anyway. They’re not constitutional conservatives, they’re big government nativists. He’s betting on his current strategy gaining more Trumpkins than losing people like me. We’ll see what happens.

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