Your Morning Cup of Links

7th grader banned from wearing “Star Wars” t-shirt at school

State Department can’t find emails of top Clinton IT staffer

“Ultimately, the capacity of a civilisation to resist those who hate it depends on its self-belief.”

In Denmark, 47 percent of people live alone, the highest national rate in the EU. In Oslo, 53 percent of homes are single-person households.”

The Many Masks of Prince Hal

Nobel Peace Prize update

Great news: OPM still can’t pass a security audit six months after massive hack

Absolutely insane

Incredible: “Liberal MP Justin Trudeau said the government should not call honour killings ‘barbaric’ in a study guide for would-be Canadian citizens.”

No, it’s child abuse.

South Park‘s PC Principal is a real person

Amoral Hollywood dumbass finds the real victim in the whole Chappaquiddick incident: Ted Kennedy

“I’ve done a lot of true life stories, many sports stories, but this one had a deep impact on this country,” said Ciardi. “Everyone has an idea of what happened on Chappaquiddick, and this strings together the events in a compelling and emotional way. You’ll see what [Senator Ted Kennedy] had to go through.”

Written by Taylor Allen and Andrew Logan, Chappaquiddick is a political thriller that chronicles the true story of what is described as the seven most dramatic days of Kennedy’s life. On the eve of the moon landing, Senator Kennedy becomes entangled in a tragic car accident that results in the death of former Robert Kennedy campaign worker Mary Jo Kopechne. The senator struggles to follow his own moral compass and simultaneously protect his family’s legacy, all while simply trying to keep his own political ambitions alive.

Fuckin’ Commie

Someone has to stop these lunatics. We’ll all be living in caves by the time they’re done with us.

The Paris climate change deal spells the beginning of the end for cooking and heating with gas, experts claimed yesterday. Within 15 years, British families may have to start phasing out gas cookers, fires and boilers if the UK is to meet new tougher targets aimed at halting rises in global temperature…The Government’s Committee on Climate Change is pressing for alternatives to boilers such as heat pumps – devices which extract warmth from the ground or air. It wants four million homes to be heated by such devices by 2030, despite each costing £12,000.

The day Hollywood finally gets nuked will be a great day. Talk about a group of worthless, whiny little bitches. “A politician I don’t like quotes lines from a movie I was in 30 years ago and I’M UPSET!”

I love this: “Home Alone,” written by Cormac McCarthy

This is true in general, not just for toys. I find lots of great, unique gifts via online museum shops.


Yes, it is. So stop flooding Europe with immigrants who hate your culture and will never assimilate.

Scholar discovers ancient papyrus fragment with lines from Gospel of John….for sale on eBay.

No shit

LOL Truly the dumbest motherfucker on the planet.

What a jackass. Typical selfish millennial.


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2 responses to “Your Morning Cup of Links

  1. What Kennedy “had to go through”? Senator Kennedy becomes “entangled” in a tragic car accident?

    Headlines circa 2016:

    “New Film Reveals Stalin’s Sensitive Side, How He Became Entangled in Tragic Man-made Famines and Mass Starvation”

    “Award-winning Director to Explore how Bill Clinton Succumbed to the Enormous Pressures Placed on Him by the World’s Most Stressful and Loneliest Job”

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