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Obama finally does something right.

PR firm for Kos, CAP, and MoveOn, “undisputed communications leader for the progressive movement” forced to close over sexual assault claims. No wonder progressive women think “rape culture” is a real thing. The “War on Women” is coming from inside the house.

The other women who have come forward to HuffPost with stories of harassment and assault were much more closely linked to FitzGibbon, who was a prominent figure in the progressive movement. They were his clients, employees and women trying to get jobs. FitzGibbon Media represented groups including the AFL-CIO, NARAL, MoveOn, UltraViolet and Wikileaks.  Those ties also prevented some of these women from initially talking about what happened to them.

“If I stopped interacting with all the men in the progressive movement who made inappropriate statements or advancements to me in this business, I’d be nowhere,” said a former FitzGibbon client. “I couldn’t speak up because I was afraid of retaliation — that I would get fired if I spoke up,” added a female FitzGibbon staffer. FitzGibbon also faced sexual harassment allegations at his previous employer, the PR giant Fenton Communications.

“This is probably a story you could tell at 15 other organizations,” said a former Fenton employee who worked with FitzGibbon. “There are probably 20 other Trevors in our progressive movement in Washington.”

“The sushi rice was undercooked in a way that was, according to one Japanese student, ‘disrespectful’ of her culture.”
As usual, the correct response from the university here is “I don’t care.” But instead they’ll accommodate these whiny campus garbage babies.

Find last-minute Christmas gifts for the women in your life

That’s impossible. Obama told me Iran would spend its money on roads and education and shit.

“Please do not come here and treat women the way you would treat them normally in your culture.” Good luck with that Norway. If you need to formally notify an immigrant that forcible sex, aka rape, is bad, maybe he shouldn’t have been let in.

This Katrina Pierson mouth-breather is a wonder to behold. Almost as dumb as her boss. For someone who supposedly has the inside track on “the smartest people,” Trump’s sure not employing them right now.

A Cuban spy base – I mean consulate – in Tampa, down the street from CENTCOM and SOCOM Headquarters…what a spectacularly terrible idea.

Oberlin students now want to be paid $8.20 an hour by the university…to protest the university.

Donald Trump spends 8 minutes defending Putin and Russia while bashing the United States. Feel shame, Trumpkins, feel shame.

Angry single men stage anti-Christmas rally in Tokyo

Sure glad we’re letting hundreds of thousands of these super tolerant people into Europe. What could go wrong?

This guy belongs in a psych ward, not a classroom.

Babysitters are surge pricing for New Year’s Eve because duh. Emphasis mine:

But some parents think it’s price gouging. Take Nancy, who doesn’t want to give her surname in case sitters hold her views against her. “Forty dollars an hour is crazy,” says the public-school teacher and mom of one from Manhattan, who now refuses to go out with her husband on Dec. 31 because of the rising costs.

“It’s not right for baby sitters to take advantage by up-charging due to New Year’s Eve,” she says. “It’s like a doctor doubling his price because he knows you will die if you don’t have the surgery right away.”

Her views are echoed by Joanna Stanberry, an Upper West Side mom. She describes the $40-an-hour rate as “totally excessive and unaffordable,” but par for the course in NYC. “The market rules on New Year’s Eve — and every other evening.”

Yes, it’s exactly like that, you worthless twit.

Read this piece on our Afghan and Iraqi interpreter friends and if you’re still looking for a charity to donate to this Christmas, consider that one.

Ending with your feel-good story of the day

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