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In normal times a Kremlin strongman’s endorsement would be the kiss of electoral death in a free country. But we live in horrible times.

Vladimir Putin Endorses His Mini-Me, Donald Trump

Golda Meir famously said there would be peace in the Middle East when “the Palestinians decide that they love their children more than they hate us.” Similarly, Trump will fade when the Republican base decides that it loves freedom more than it hates “the establishment.” Now would be a good time to make that choice.

Oh man. Just wait until Obama hears about this on the news. No one will be angrier.

LOL Well then he better stop heavily petting Hillary and start actually running a campaign.

Settle down we must

University of Louisville job ad for science professor: Whites, Asians need not apply.

Harvard apologizes for distributing social justice placemats


The Obama administration cannot be sure of the whereabouts of thousands of foreigners in the U.S. who had their visas revoked over terror concerns and other reasons, a State Department official acknowledged Thursday.

Toyota moving from California to Texas because of housing costs for employees.

“It wasn’t so much that we don’t tax income,” he said. “It was really about affordable housing. That’s what started the conversation. They had focus groups with their employees. Their people said, ‘We’re willing to move. We just want to live the American Dream.’” Toyota did the math and found that housing costs in Los Angeles County, where Torrance is located, are three times per square foot the cost of a house in Dallas-Fort Worth. “They’re paying the same salary,” Niemi said. “So in real terms, they’re going to triple the affordability of housing they can buy if they move to Texas.”

Lol. As predictable as the sunrise: “Britain will cut solar subsidies by less than planned after industry appeals for help”

Every single body and headline revision to this NYT story was made to make Obama look better. Absolutely incredible.

The Obama WH is cliqueish, incompetent, inefficient, micro-managerial, and vindictive, Chapter 68.

The very French Donald Trump revolution:

The Trump revolution has substituted a reasoned list of grievances against the established order with a mob that chants thoughtless slogans and thirsts for blood (for now, the blood is purely metaphorical). Engaging the average Trump supporter about why they support Trump is not likely to produce any sort of coherent answer that won’t be found on a hat that Donald Trump himself has worn at some point.

And so here we are, and I am regularly asked why I can’t find common cause with his supporters, even though I might oppose Trump himself. The reason, though I am clearly no Burke, is that I can see that what I want and what Trump supporters want has only the surface level similarities between the American Revolution and the early days of the French revolution. Underneath, a movement that would elevate a man such as Trump, in the face of overwhelming evidence of his completely absent philosophical and moral compass, is not a movement that will lead to prosperity, order, or a better America.

The difference between a movement that would elevate a Cruz or a Rubio, and one that would elevate a Trump, is the difference between a revolution that will end in positive change, and one that will cause untold misery on the country at large. The nomination of Trump will almost certainly lead to the election of Hillary, and if it doesn’t, the consequences might well be worse. The fracturing of the one political movement in America that is actually dedicated to the preservation of America’s territorial integrity and its safety can only invite further boldness from our modern day Austrians and Prussians – ISIS and Al Qaeda.

That all of this should come to pass over a man such as Trump is evidence that what exists here is not a revolution in search of freedom, but a mob in search of violence for its own sake. And such a movement must be opposed as the existential threat to this country’s health that it truly is.

“Communal sobbing is as common as car bombing.”

If Americans Are ‘Scared to Death’ — It’s Because Government Has Failed Them

“Fugitive monkey goes on the run because he was being bullied”

You can get an abortion but you can’t go tanning, kids!

Most incompetent, careless administration ever: “Hackers working for foreign government were able to spy on encrypted comms of US government for the past three years.”

Company selling fake hymens to Muslim women in Germany sees business boom as migrant influx spikes

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