Afternoon Links

“We are all Kenyans here.” Muslim women protect Christians from Al-Shabaab attack on bus.

Cop tries to shoot the family dog, slips and kills mom in front of her 3-year-old child instead.

“I am proud to fight in the Israeli army. I am proud of being Bedouin, Arab, Muslim and Israeli.”

Hilarious. Kurt Schlichter brings up Bill Clinton’s past as a sexual predator, Don Lemon has a fucking fit.

Trump is a useful idiot.

I mean, can you blame us? Do you see what’s happening right now?

Important read on the absurd Rules of Engagement that are keeping us from winning wars.

Wow. I have a lot more respect for this guy now.

The Trumpkins and the Obots have a lot in common. Probably at least half the country thinks this way, which is why we’re so screwed.

I love Popehat. Vote.

This will definitely make the French people eager to welcome you into their country. Good work!

College Students Sign ‘Petition’ to Ban ‘White Christmas’ Because It’s Racist

Jesus, this is horrible.

Great piece by Kyle Orton in the NYT on Saddam Hussein and ISIS

Saudi authorities shut down camel urine drink vendor for selling his own pee in the bottles, not camel piss.

Such assholes

“Habitual liar lies habitually about habitual liar, who demands apology. Not the most edifying spectacle in American public life, but what the hell do you expect from an encounter between these two great hemorrhoids on the body politic?”

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