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Heckuva job, Barry.

Trump’s BFF continues targeting and massacring civilians as the people who scream bloody murder if America or Israel accidentally kills one civilian stay silent.

It begins

Putin won’t need nukes to totally shut down the USA.

Stupid Americans who will spend the week in large crowds at malls, movies, and football games have a delusional fear of ISIS, explains guy at private Hawaiian golf villa surrounded by an armed security team 24/7.

Kerry sends letter to Iran assuring that the US will help revive Iran’s economy so there’s money for Hezbollah to smash in the skulls of 4-year-old Israeli girls.

Friends of management receive steak. Others wait in line for bread. Unpopular people eat tree bark.

Holy shit GROW UP AND GET A REAL JOB. What is the matter with this generation? See how far you can make it through this essay without wanting to stick your head in an oven. This is probably my favorite paragraph:

Money anxiety is a deep and longtime trigger for me. I’ve almost quit Just Between Us a few times, once after spending hours hysterically crying in my parked car because I wasn’t sure how I was going to make rent. My parents couldn’t help me financially because they had their own problems. I had already sold some of my old clothing at Crossroads and Buffalo Exchange. Allison’s parents offered to lend me money, but I wasn’t comfortable taking from them. Finally I borrowed money from a very kind friend who I’ve since paid back. During that time, I had more than 70,000 Twitter followers.

As Monty notes:

All the demons are here, babies: triggering, hysterical crying, emotional incontinence, self-pity, casual hipster name-dropping (“Crossroads” and “Buffalo Exchange”, like tout le monde should know or care about these places), inability to function as an adult, and deadbeat money-borrowing from long-suffering friends. But the non-sequitur “[d]uring that time, I had more than 70,000 Twitter followers” is what transforms this dreary Millennial catshit into comedy gold.

Oh no! The war followed Obama to his multi-million dollar vacation in Hawaii, where he was trying to take his mind off his day job of watching TV by playing golf! Be a bit more considerate next time, dead American soldiers!

In Michael Moore’s World, ‘Tolerance’ Means Ignoring Real Difference

Least surprising thing ever. Looks like Kremlin-hugger Vanden Heuvel is the frontrunner for press secretary in a Trump WH.


In Amsterdam, an iconic European art museum has begun renaming historic works whose titles or descriptions might be offensive to modern audiences. Hence, Simon Maris’ early 1900s painting, “Young Negro Girl,” has been rechristened “A Young Girl Holding a Fan.” A boy described as a “negro servant” in a 1668 portrait of Margaret of Raephorst is now a “young black servant.” References to “Eskimos,” “Maroons,” “Mohammedans,” and “Hottentots” will also be removed, with original titles and descriptions preserved in an archive. According to the U.K.’s Dazed magazine, some 300 works of art at the popular Rijksmuseum have been edited as part of the Adjustment of Colonial Terminology project.

Our new besties

‘Tis the season to piss off Leftists

Remember, like everything else leftists yap about, “diversity” is a lie. When they use the word, it means the ruthless imposition of grim, lockstep, staggeringly boring conformity. When we are all the same shade of pale gray, bereft of unique ideas, traditions, and spirituality, it’s much easier to lead us into the socialist Utopia they yearn to rule.

My Jewish Orthodox neighbor loves to wish me “Merry Christmas,” and every week I wish him “Shabbat shalom.” This is how normal Americans behave – no, he doesn’t have a tree, but he knows I do, and he knows I’m going to be celebrating the birth of my Savior, and he respects that and he wishes me well. And likewise, simply because my iPhone doesn’t get turned off at sundown on Friday doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate and respect that his does and why.

But leftists detest this – they hate the idea that between two different subsets of Americans there can be a positive, respectful relationship without the intervention of some government department devoted to racial/ethnic/gender/religious meddling. Anytime Americans don’t need to be corralled, controlled, or cajoled, a liberal gnashes his teeth.

Kind of sad that this needs to be said: Don’t cover your head in “solidarity” with Muslim women, you dopes.

Some good points here, especially on the reactionaries having a stranglehold on Western Islamic institutions. “Moderate” Islam as an antidote to radical Islam is largely a fantasy.

This was by design. Mission accomplished, DNC!

America’s dying virtue: Gratitude

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