Your Morning Cup of Links

Infuriating. The government thinks you’re too dumb to try crowdfunding.


Team Obama tried to foment a military coup within the Assad regime, and it worked exactly as well as you’d think.

“This coming year will help clarify whether the American people actually still want a republic – whether we are still fit for self-government.”

Absolutely absurd and I can’t imagine it holds up in court. NYC will now fine you $250,000 if you call a man ‘he’ instead of ‘xe’ or whatever dumbfuck non-word pronoun they’ve chosen.

Employers, landlords, and cops in New York City are now legally required to use people’s pronouns of choice when addressing them — and restaurants are no longer allowed to deny service to men just because they refused to wear a tie. These and other new policies are included in document issued on Monday by the New York Commission on Human Rights. The document is meant to explain the specific ways in which the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio intends to enforce a a 2002 local law designed to protect the rights of transgender people.

The document also states that employers, landlords, and city agencies — including the NYPD — are required to refer to people using the pronoun and name of their choice, even if the person’s official identification states a different name. The guidance explicitly allows for the use of gender-neutral pronouns, such as ze and hir, in official city business. Among other provisions, the guidance states that requiring different dress codes or uniforms for people of different gender expressions is illegal in New York. This means, for example, that restaurants are no longer allowed to require men to wear ties in order to be served.

“A Christmas Story” shows how fathers help sons grow up

This right here is why this atheist (apatheist, really) loves Christmas.

SMOD2016 picks up a big endorsement

Disaster. What happened to my country?

Oh fuck off

“President Obama misunderstands the country, not the other way around.”

This is awesome.

Elliott Abrams on the disgraceful letter John Kerry sent to the Iranian Foreign Minister

Against Despair: A Christmas Credo for Republicans

Once naughty, now masterpieces: Nudes from the Prado

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