Afternoon Links

Joke’s on you guys. My organs are full of delicious bacon.

Makes sense to me

Chicago mayor, former Obama official cuts vacation to communist prison nation short amid left-wing revolt

Federal judge says drinking tea, shopping at a gardening store is probable cause for a SWAT raid

What could go wrong?

Reporter who embedded with ISIS: “They’re not scared of the British and the Americans, they’re scared of the Israelis.” As they should be. Israel is better at kicking Islamist ass than we are.

Unreal. TSA Says It Will Stop Accepting Driver’s Licenses From Nine States

What Obama doesn’t understand about human nature

Marco Rubio is plenty conservative

This sums up pretty well what Jeb is currently doing to the GOP

Rubio missed the full Senate briefing on the Paris attacks because, as a member of the intel committee, he’d already sat through it at an earlier briefing — and the intel committee sees intelligence that the full Senate doesn’t. But what does Jeb care? Worst case scenario is that he wrecks Rubio and then either Bush or Christie becomes the establishment champion, only to get the tar beat out of them by Cruz and/or Trump in a three-way race and lose any chance of a center-right nominee in 2016. Oh well.

Ancient Pompeii Is Alive Again as Italian Officials Unveil Six Restored Ruins

Imaginary play can lead to genius, and unfortunately, it has become increasingly difficult for children to be able to engage in the kind of pretend play that previous generations enjoyed.

How Tocqueville schooled Bernie Sanders 200 years ago

Yes, this:

I think that this disparity is what has people so fired up about the Tamir Rice case. It’s not that Loehmann and Garmback got a fair day in court; it’s that so many everyday people in America don’t. It’s that the legal system is clearly set up to extend every possible benefit of the doubt to police – when reason suggests that the responsibility of the badge should come with higher (not lower) scrutiny. It’s that people see a system where prosecutors are politically motivated by their own ambitions to always aim for higher conviction rates regardless of the facts, and are more interested in appearing “tough on crime” than they are in appearing “fair to the facts,” except of course when a police officer is accused of wrongdoing.

This is not to mention the fact that, particularly in large municipalities, police officers have paid union lawyers who they can instruct to fight every indictment tooth and nail without regard for the financial ruin of their personal families.

A country where those responsible for dispensing the justice of the State are held to a lower standard of behavior than the general public is a country that invites tyranny on itself. Believing that most cops are good at their job and fair to the public doesn’t require a defense of the principle that cops ought not to face the same scrutiny as ordinary people do from prosecutors every day. In fact, it should require the opposite.

Cleveland was a police disaster waiting to happen.

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