Afternoon Links

Wow. Good job by this 911 dispatcher.

Of course

You got a Master’s degree in poetry, you dumbass. Your problems are of your own making.

Why “I’m not ready to get married” is a lie

People are so stupid.

Salon deletes article on mosque attack after learning attacker was Muslim

Once you realize our constitutional republic is dead and we are not a people capable of fixing it, life gets easier. ‪‎SMOD2016‬

An “open marriage” is not a marriage

“The more than doubling in the rate of tuition fee growth in the last four decades coincides precisely with the rapid growth in these aid programs. Ironically, rather than helping the poor, the proportion of recent college graduates from the bottom quartile of the income distribution is lower today than it was in 1970 before we had Pell Grants or large-scale federal loan programs.” Oh, no shit?

“Please don’t freak out over the disaster I’ve created.…Look at mass sexual assault and rape as an opportunity, not a threat.”

“Future historians will have to sort out our plight—how a whole generation could forget to grow up”

What Russia’s been doing in Ukraine since you stopped paying attention

Federal Register hits record page-count in 2015.

No surprise here. Trump’s strongest “Republican” supporters are registered Democrats.

I wish I would have read this 10 years ago…although 10 years ago I would have thought it was stupid.

Obama bends over and takes it one more time to round out the year.

If you love romance and adventure, ditch feminism.

We’ve disappointed him again, America. Everything is going great in Syria and we just don’t get it. We’re too dumb to see what a genius he is.

“They’ll go back to whatever it is they do, presumably masturbating to Stormfront postings.”

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