Firearms Friday

Obama’s executive gun actions are a combination of reiterating laws that already exist and legally meaningless guidance. So, utterly pointless, and pretty good news for the right. We get more gun owners and NRA members (and it looks like he actually made it easier to buy machine guns) and Obama gets…nothing he didn’t already have. Josh Blackman sees a problem in the long-term though.

What “common sense gun control” would actually look like and why the Left won’t do it:

If you want some common-sense gun control that can in fact be enacted by presidential order, start by reversing the fact that federal prosecutors more or less categorically refuse to take up straw-buyer cases. The U.S. attorney responsible for Chicago announced in 2012 that his office would no longer prosecute straw-purchase cases unless there was some bigger, sexier aspect to them, such as interstate gun-trafficking. If, as the Times report and similar surveys suggest, most crime is being committed by people with prior violent-crime records (most of whom would be forbidden from legally buying guns) then going after straw buyers makes a lot of sense. But we don’t do that, because you don’t make a name for yourself as a federal prosecutor by putting a bunch of Chicago gangsters’ mothers and girlfriends in jail. The desire to focus regulatory efforts on licensed gun dealers instead of on straw buyers and other actual criminals is in part about laziness (gun dealers have fixed addresses and regular business hours) but also about the desire to shift prosecutorial energy away from the sort of communities in which “community organizers” make their living.

Gun deaths in America: white suicides, black homicides

Obama’s claims about internet gun sales are completely false

On guns, Democrats have nothing left but tears

Even Obama understands the Second Amendment

How the right can get liberal support for gun rights

Prediction: Taya Kyle will be in Congress within the next four years. She crushed it last night.

On the morality of gun ownership

Hilarious. I’ll donate to ThinkProgress if they agree to put this hysterical uninformed ladyboy on TV more often to make their argument. What a terrible advocate for their side.

Meet “Nubs,” the no-handed shooter

First look: New Colt products for 2016

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