Afternoon Links

There are now more than 600 criminal complaints across Germany related to NYE attacks on women.

While Sean Penn was drinking tequila with El Chapo, this is what happens to real journalists reporting on cartels.

Should a Canadian professor who insists on misspelling poontang in intro psych be allowed to teach?

Ramadi in ruins

Jesus tap-dancing Christ

Germany sells out of pepper spray. “I wonder if our sophisticated Euro cousins are thinking differently about America’s boorish gun-rights culture.”

Yes. Out of the few things that piss me off about Ted Cruz, this is at the top of the list:

That’s cute, and it’s of a piece with Cruz claiming yesterday that McCain is after him about his eligibility only because he supports establishment heartthrob Marco Rubio. (McCain hasn’t endorsed Rubio yet, but I wouldn’t bet against it happening later this month.) It wasn’t the “Washington cartel” that injected this issue into the media’s bloodstream, though; it was Cruz’s BFF Donald, who’s now eager to kneecap him in Iowa by raising doubts about his qualifications for the office. Jeb Bush put it well in an interview with Sean Hannity yesterday: “You know this is what Trump does. He says something and then he pulls back. ‘Well I didn’t say it, someone else said it. I’m just repeating what someone else said.’ Come on man. Let’s get to the issues.” But Cruz can’t say what Bush said because he refuses to waver from his nonaggression pact with Trump, so he’s left here feebly trying to blame Beltway insiders for an attack that was launched on him by Mr. Outsider. Trump could walk over to Cruz at next week’s debate and punch him in the nuts and Cruz, doubled over in pain, would gasp, “I’ll bet the Washington cartel really enjoyed that.” Whatever.

Teen girls gang-raped by four Syrian nationals in Germany.

Unprecedented sex harassment in Helsinki on NYE

Grateful for my gun and that I live in a country where I can carry it and defend myself.

Gorgeous photos show new U.S. Army CH-47F Chinook helicopters training in Germany

20% of likely Democrat voters to cross sides, vote Trump.

What a dumb time to be alive

World’s oldest living animal, Jonathan the Tortoise, gets a new lease of life after vet puts him on a healthy diet…at the age of 183.

James Bond, a millionaire, and and a mediocre 1970s racehorse that wanted to ban sharia

Theme parks, opera, sculpture, a retrospective: celebrating Hieronymus Bosch in 2016

The effortless Christopher Hitchens

Lol. Too late, pal.


Extraordinary story of a Christian’s act of defiance in returning to his home in ISIS-run Tel Abyad

The world’s most beautiful churches

So, instead of explaining to people why he changed his position (assuming he has) on things like Planned Parenthood and Sotomayor, Chris Christie is just going to lie. What a douche.

Ariel to appear as ‘3D digital apparition’ in RSC’s The Tempest

It’s always Sunni in Philadelphia

…I’ll see myself out.

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