Your Morning Cup of Links

President Obama and the rhetoric of rights

Powder horn believed owned by Alexander Hamilton sells at auction

What an asshole. Feminists are the worst.

A feminist street artist has provoked fury in England by defacing a 19th-century statue of Queen Victoria in Bristol. The artist, who goes by the name of Vaj Graff, painted naked legs and pubic hair on the stone monument…The artist insists that her intervention was a statement on patriarchal structures in the art world. Striking back at critics on her website, she writes, “A lot of haters out there calling it vandalism. It ain’t vandalism. It’s a statement. Stand tall. Stand proud and love the vaj.”

Who the hell cares what Congress thinks? This is what happens when government gets too big.

What would happen if mediocre grad students ran things? Now we know.

“Obama promised to pursue ‘world without nuclear weapons.’ He will leave setting loose new era of nuclear proliferation.”

This would be absolutely catastrophic to the economy and poor people. What a fucking moron.

Unexpectedly! No one could have possibly seen this coming!

What a time to be alive

Oh great. “It is unclear whether a U.S. adversary has ever obtained such knowledge of a Hellfire.”

I almost hope Hillary wins because it will make 100% clear that the rule of law is dead and we owe the system zero loyalty. Then I’ll know this country is truly finished and I can stop caring. If you vote for Hillary you don’t give a flying fuck about the national security of this country. It really is as simple as that.

The Sainsbury’s cat has returned to continue its reign of terror.

Europe is enabling a rape culture.

Yes, this:

I want to pay tribute to another of Bowie’s feats, which strikes me as quite extraordinary: the fact that he kept his cancer private, or ‘secret’, as the press insists, for 18 months. This, more than anything, has blown me away today. In this era of too much information, when over-sharing is virtually mandatory, Bowie’s decision to suffer away from the limelight, among those closest to him, appears almost as a Herculean achievement.

I would say Rahm is done, but it’s Chicago and the Obama administration, so…

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