Your Morning Cup of Links

Iran’s humiliation of Obama is now complete

Yes, thank you. Dispense with this terrible idea at once.

No time for allies. Gotta make sweet, sweet love to our enemy, Iran.

About fucking time

Your feel-good story of the day

How to raise children who can handle freedom: “postmodernism’s rejection of our ability to know truth leaves us uniquely primed for subjugation”

America used to know how to assimilate immigrants. What changed?

Government-run health care, everybody. Oh, you need medical care? Too bad. Government employees decided to have a temper tantrum. Oh well.

Gotta carry on Sanger’s legacy and get rid of the poors, baby!

We’re so respected in the world under President Smart Power. Peace breaking out everywhere. Earning that Nobel Peace Prize every day.

Cruz’s testicles finally drop

This week just gets better and better!

What a dumb time to be alive

VA employees who contributed to veterans’ deaths due to delayed care are back on the job after 19 months of paid leave

Nikki Haley: A light in the dark


The best explanation for the bizarre adult coloring books phenomenon I’ve read so far

Sending unreliable small boats into the middle of a budding regional war in the Gulf was not smart. Does Obama care? (No.)

Archaeologists find shrines to 2,000 year old Egyptian family they say could have been the ‘Brangelina’ of their time

Ian Tuttle on the alarming, predictable spike in sexual assault by immigrants in Europe

David Bowie’s Renaissance man legacy

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