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Oh Trumpkins, you’re so…special.

A computer network installer, Mr. Shaddock said he was disturbed by Mr. Trump’s comments about Muslims. “It comes across as bigoted,” he said. “I have customers who are Muslims.” Although he was not at the Ottumwa rally, Mr. Shaddock said he would have stood up to object when Mr. Trump referred to Muslims flying planes into the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. “That hasn’t been proven,” he said. “I would have stood up and said, ‘Listen, it was remote-controlled takeover of the autoland’ ” technology.

Iran putting that money we’re giving them to good use: quadrupling the prize money for its Holocaust-denying cartoon contest.

Yes, every word of this: “Why I Will Never Vote for Donald Trump”

Nothing says “give me control of the nukes” like this hissy fit by a deranged loon

Maybe there’s hope for the republic yet

LOL Of course

Too bad Obama’s bromance with Iran can’t get them to stop killing children in Syria

More of the Islamophobic backlash sweeping the Continent


Ha! Totally. (Scroll down to “Marco Rubio is like Europe in Risk.” I don’t know why the website doesn’t make it simple and just let you link to that specific part, but it doesn’t.)

Amen. “I would rather have one Nikki Haley on my side than the entire teeming mass of socially maladjusted, incoherent-email-writing, angry people who seem perfectly fine with turning over the movement to a narcissist who has spent about five minutes pretending to be conservative, just because he has promised to build a wall that he in no way has the political will or ability to build anyway.”


Republicans are going to lose a winnable election because GOP voters are too emotional. So frustrating.

Interesting interview with Amazon about drone delivery

Dates of key Mozart symphonies are wrong, claims music scholar

Great Yuval Levin piece on Trump, Cruz, Christie, Rubio, and their differing primary pitches

Absolutely absurd. Car companies are working on this technology on their own. Zero reason taxpayers need to pay for it.

This is so painful. And the ditzy millennial chicks asking the questions are even more annoying than she is, if you can believe it.

I think this is correct. Constitutional conservatism is just not popular. A. Because we’re a dumb, Constitutionally illiterate people and B. We’re a spoiled, entitled people who don’t like actually taking responsibility for our own lives.
This is partly the reason I don’t think Cruz can win. The country’s just not that conservative. We’re not a pro-liberty, individual responsibility, wise/virtuous citizenry anymore. Most people want handouts of some kind and the government to tell them how to live. We are a nation of children.

The secrets of some of the world’s oldest hotels revealed

DC: The only place where your asshole neighbor will file a Freedom of Information Request to have your kid’s treehouse torn down.

The UN knew for months that Madaya was starving because of course it did.

“Because of the nature of government — violent and monopolistic — the philosophy of big government is always the philosophy of small citizens, and small citizenship. A healthy society has many competing centers of power: governments (federal, state, and local in the U.S. model), businesses, civil society, churches, political parties, interest groups, professional associations, unions, etc. In an unhealthy society, government becomes a kind of cancer, metastasizing into every nook and cranny of society.”

Waterbears are amazing.

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