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Man is corruptible, subject to temptation and vice, seduced by power and ambition. Conservatives used to know this.

Is this still America? One-Stop Popcorn and Sex Toy Shop Runs Afoul of Indiana Police


Chris Christie: I’m proud that I signed this bill. Which has no due process protections. And will hurt people. Oh well.

Bill banning child marriage fails in Pakistan after it’s deemed ‘un-Islamic’

If you doubted that Western society is in decline: Performance artist arrested again at Musée d’Orsay after stripping down and reenacting Manet’s “Olympia” 

Amazing that the country is paying no attention to this disaster

There it is. The real price for out hostages (besides the Iranian criminals we freed) was canceling the planned sanctions last month for Iran’s ballistic missile violations.

I agree with Kevin Williamson that the “New York values” comment probably wasn’t a politically smart thing for Ted Cruz to say. But after years of Obama telling me how much he hates me, I can only smile at the Lefty butthurt over Cruz’s comment. I also find the pathetic whining from allegedly tough and thick-skinned New Yorkers hilarious. As Alex Griswold writes here, get over yourselves. Griswold’s piece is a must-read. Stephen Miller, Ben Shapiro, and David Marcus also have good pieces on this.

Beyond parody

Look at Iran, moderating before our very eyes, just as Obama said it would.

Study proves what we already know: Trump and his fans are nasty little authoritarians who must be defeated.

Get ready for more barrel bombs, Syrian children. You can thank Obama.

Ted’s crocodile is starting to eat him.

Seriously, there are no words to describe how much I hate these people. I’m with Sonny. Turn Gitmo into a debtors’ prison.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is such an ambitious liar it’s almost impressive.


Woman whose entire career consists of making slut jokes says others aren’t allowed to make them.

Miraculous results from new MS treatment

IC IG says Hillary’s emails include classified info from SAPs…that’s above TS, folks. Again, this should be end of campaign for Hillary. Anyone else would go to prison for this.

Cool. All five bright planets to align for the first time since 2005.

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