Unusually Stupid Primate(s) of the Week

Finally, a NYDN cover I can get behind. For the record, I’ve been a proud Palin hater (and a proud Trump hater) for eight long years. As always, feels good to be vindicated. If you didn’t see through this circus act before now I can’t help you.


I can’t even make it through more than two minutes of this. You’re made of stronger stuff than I if you can. Here’s the text (which I also can’t make it through) if you prefer. Next to Palin, Trump is Demosthenes. What a dumb time to be alive. Burn it all down, salt the earth, whatever. I don’t care anymore. Come now, SMOD. Save us.

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One response to “Unusually Stupid Primate(s) of the Week

  1. How much did the endorsement cost? Will this be her chance to sink ANOTHER GOP nominee?

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