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Afternoon Art Break

Norman Rockwell (1920)


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Your Morning Cup of Links

America’s Secret Societies

Bernie’s hatred of work is why Trump supporters are so mad

Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit gets his own 50p coin

“How art helped me see the beauty in loneliness”

How the working class can regain its dignity

Same. Now excuse me while I try to figure out which vein in my wrist to open.

The future of the entire conservative movement is at stake, and a Clinton victory over Trump might be the only hope of saving it…A few years ago, The Federalist’s publisher, Ben Domenech, suggested that conservatives consider dumping the “Buckley Rule,” the late William F. Buckley’s admonition always to choose the most conservative candidate who can win…In its place, Ben raised the possibility of a “Hamilton Rule,” named after Alexander Hamilton. Although both were Federalists, Hamilton despised John Adams and his coterie among his own party to the point where he was willing to lose the election of 1800. “If we must have an enemy at the head of government,” Hamilton said in exasperation, “let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible.”

In other words: Better to lose to a true enemy whose policies you can fight and repudiate, rather than to a false friend whose schemes will drag you down with him. This is a painful choice, but it also embraces realism while protecting the possibility of recovery in the future. The need to live to fight another day is why conservatives should adopt a Hamilton Rule if, God forbid, the choice comes down to Hillary and Trump.

Morally unmoored, emotionally unstable, a crony capitalist of the worst kind, Trump will be every bit as liberal as Hillary—perhaps more so, given his statements over the years…After four years of thrashing around in the Oval Office like the ignorant boor he is, voters will no longer be able distinguish between the words “Trump,” “Republican,” “conservative,” and “buffoon.” He will obliterate Republicans further down the ticket in 2016 and 2020, smear conservatism as nothing more than his own brand of narcissism, and destroy decades of hard work, including Ronald Reagan’s legacy. Conservatives can recover from four, or even eight, years of Hillary Clinton. We might even flourish: remember, President Obama’s cult of personality—to which Trump’s mindless fan base bears more than a little resemblance—sacrificed more than 900 Democratic seats and a passel of governorships on its altar over the past seven years.

In the end, a Trump administration will not only avert the first chance at unified Republican government in years, but will finish off the conservative movement itself. Indeed, it is a bitter irony that some of Trump’s blind followers are willing to declare defeat at the moment of impending victory, when a complete GOP takeover of all elected branches could finally overcome the obstruction of divided government…If Trump is at the top of the ticket, Republicans will likely lose the Senate, but that pales in comparison to the overall discrediting of conservatism that will follow. In pulling down the GOP, Trump will take conservatism with it, and enshrine 30 or 40 more years of liberal dominance, beginning with his own liberal administration.

Bravo, South Dakota.

So sad and so true:

David Harsanyi argues at The Federalist today that a Rubio/Cruz unity ticket is the only hope now of stopping Trump. Perhaps, but according to Marco Rubio himself, it ain’t happening. For a simple reason: Both Rubio and Cruz value their personal ambitions more highly than they value having a conservative nominee. It really is that simple when you cut through it. Same goes for Duncan Hunter and all of the other “conservatives” in Congress who are quietly planning to jump aboard the Trump bandwagon now that his nomination is assured. It’s fashionable to say that Trump “broke the GOP” — I’m sure I’ve said it myself as shorthand for the disaster that’s upon us — but that’s not true at all. The GOP will slog on with nearly all of the same personnel. What Trump broke is the dual illusion that the conservative movement drives the Republican Party and that the conservative movement is composed mostly of people who believe devoutly in conservatism as an ideology. It isn’t. They may identify as “conservative” as a way to signal that they hate the left and political correctness, or simply because claiming you’re “conservative” has been a vehicle for instant respectability within the GOP ever since the Reagan revolution, but give them someone like Trump who’ll loudly defend some of the cultural impulses that drive conservatism while shrugging at policy and they’ll happily take that. That’s why movement conservatives are so traumatized by Trumpism — it’s not that he’s killing the GOP, about which no one really cares, but that he’s exposing that movement conservatism for many, many supposed adherents is an inch deep. Stroke people’s amygdalas with enough garbage about being an alpha male and standing up for yourself and bombing the sh*t out of your enemies and how many really care about the size of government?

My thoughts exactly: “I had naively hoped that this election cycle, I would be treated to a substantive contest between a spate of highly accomplished two-term conservative governors, and Senators of great rhetorical skill…Sadly, 35% of our party has decided to abdicate their responsibility as adults to take their civic voting duty seriously, and so the poisonous threat of Trump has completely altered my own personal voting calculus.”

History is littered with the bodies of powerful men who thought they could control the useful populist demagogue. Looks like Reince wants to join the club of delusional fools.

When Democrats run the campaign against Trump that Republicans have declined to, it’s going to be a bloodbath. The MSM will suddenly break out everything they’ve been sitting on for the past year as they’ve been fattening up their cow for the slaughter: the Trump U fraud trial, his connections to the Mob and Russian organized crime, his business failures, his affairs. And I’ll be here, laughing and laughing and saying I told you so.

Turkey joins numerous other American allies in finally just saying “fuck this layabout pinko incompetent, we’ll wait for a serious President.”

I told you so, you fucking fools, Part 5,983

Doesn’t matter whether he wants to or not, it’s already happening, thanks to his dreadful, dumbass policy.

Won’t matter. Nothing matters.

Lol. Trumpbart’s attacks on Rubio getting more and more pathetic. Rubio thinks it’s morally wrong to ban a Muslim-American Army reservist from a gun range just because he’s Muslim! Gasp!

Really, TIME magazine, REALLY?

Oh look, another racist endorses Donald Trump. Shocking.

“As is the case with many trust-fund babies, Trump has been isolated from the real world by his birth…As a presidential candidate, he has refused to learn even the basics of policy and throws up random idiocies on trade and nuclear policy with the coherence of a patient coming out of anesthesia. He knows nothing and exalts in his stupidity…Trump’s jumble of policies will take every bad situation and make it worse. His positions on trade are to the left of Sanders and would result in a tax on every consumer in America.”

Ending on a happy note: your feel-good story of the day.

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Quote for the Day

“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.” – Edmund Burke

Trump delenda est! #NeverTrump

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Weekend Art Break

“At breakfast”
Zinaida Serebriakova (1914)


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Afternoon Art Break

“Interior with Young Woman from Behind”
Vilhelm Hammershoi (1904)


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IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING! Several months too late, but I’m too happy to care. Better late than never. FINISH HIM, MARCO!

Rubio (and Cruz, who laid a few good punches on Trump as well) need to continue doing this for the next several weeks. Rubio is finally just having fun with it. Merciless mockery in a happy warrior fashion is exactly what’s needed.

If you didn’t watch the debate last night, this picture says it all. Well done, gentlemen.


Once more, with feeling…


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Evening Art Break

“The Concert”
Hendrick Ter Brugghen (1626)


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