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Who could have possibly seen this coming?

After hiking the minimum wage 27%, DC has gone from gaining 2,000 service sector jobs a year to losing 700. Totally shocking, I know.

Trump is the most unpopular candidate in either party in a generation.


The amount of culpable people who could be indicted for aiding Hillary grows by leaps and bounds.

Just wait until he has the IRS working at his behest. He’ll make Obama look like a nice guy.

Only one more year of this horseshit

“It cannot be repeated often enough: We are ruled by criminals.”

A few months back congressional Republicans found themselves dismayed that the Veterans Affairs hospitals had, through their negligence and stupidity, killed more of our servicemen than died during any year of the Iraq war, and then engaged in a massive criminal cover-up. Legislation was introduced to make it easier to fire people for — let’s focus here — killing veterans through their negligence and stupidity. But government employees are the single most important Democratic interest group, and the president and his congressional allies complained that the bill was too harsh on public servants who were killing veterans through their negligence and stupidity. And so the bill died in the Senate, with Donald Trump’s pals Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer breathing a sigh of relief.

In the Treasury Department, the EPA, and the FCC, employees have been found to routinely spend the equivalent of a full workday every week watching pornography on their office computers. Most of those crank-yanking bureaucrats are still on your payroll. At the Commerce Department, paralegals spent their days shopping online and trolling dating sites because they were assigned no work — their supervisors were afraid giving their employees work would “antagonize the labor union.” In California, the teachers’ union has gone to bat to keep pedophile teachers on the payroll after they were found to be having sex with children. In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo managed to corrupt an anti-corruption task force. The IRS and the AFT are routinely used as political weapons. The nice liberal Democrats in Flint, Mich., poisoned the city’s children in the name of infrastructure spending.

Despite all of the dark whispering about the NRA and “dark money,” the right-wing bogeymen mostly are minor players. The two major teachers’ unions are between them the biggest political spender in Washington, with the NEA and the AFT spending a combined $50 million in the 2014 cycle. AFSCME, the government-employees’ union, spent $11 million that cycle, and was the twelfth-largest overall political spender. The NRA, which barely cracks the top-300 list, spent less than $1 million. Beyond spending on (overwhelmingly Democratic) political campaigns, government workers and their unions also show up to vote, to knock on doors, and to bully, harass, and threaten nonconformists. They are the backbone of the Democratic party — and they are thieving, lazy, grasping, thieving, dishonest, thieving, pervy, thieving, detestable, despicable, thieving, thieving thieves with a minor sideline in violence and intimidation.

For the love of god, kill this piece of shit already.

From the beginning the F-35 was practically designed to be a horrendous boondoggle. First, there was the idea to make just one plane that would fit every service branch’s needs. The Marines wanted a vertical takeoff and landing plane that could bomb things on the ground. The Navy wanted a carrier-borne plane. The Air Force wanted a plane that could shoot other planes.

The original “Joint Strike Fighter” program, from which the F-35 grew, started out in the early 1990s. The goal was to replace most of the country’s Cold War era fighters and bombers, including the F-16, the F-18, the A-10, and the AV-8B. The problem with this approach is that it lead to design by committee and design by wishlists. It turned out that trying to make a plane to do everything meant that it did everything poorly.
The project has suffered endless delays and cost overruns, and, still, the thing is half-baked. The latest problem is that the plane’s software — absolutely essential for a 21st century plane — doesn’t work. Former RAND author John Stillion has written that the F-35 “can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run.” It’s heavy, bulky, and doesn’t carry that many weapons. It even has safety issues.

“Trump is the one person who could make Hillary look statesmanlike and almost likeable.” Yep. Most horrible, unlikeable candidate in a generation.


Sources and methods, folks. It’s way past time to frog march her.

“Understand that this is not open to debate. There is no dispute. These are felonies. Anyone telling you any different is either utterly ignorant about how classified material is handled, or is irredeemably stupid, or is a liar who puts the political viability of Hillary Clinton above the safety of the United States and the people who defend it.”

Toasting the hundredth anniversary of Marcel Duchamp’s artistic innovation

Philip Larkin’s life behind the camera

Afronauts, the Ghanaian director Frances Bodomo’s new film, tells the little-known story of the Zambian space program, which mounted an ambitious attempt to send twelve astronauts to the moon in the sixties.

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