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Drunk Shakespeare

Is it time to admit character doesn’t matter?


The Sacramento Kings basketball team had to cancel giving away Lunar New Year shirts celebrating the Year of the Monkey on Monday after a player noted the shirts could be deemed offensive during Black History month.

Congress had to hold a hearing to ask the Obama admin why it refuses to prosecute terrorists who murder Americans.

Patriots, dog lovers prepare packages for military pups

Goddamn it. All this time I’ve been not committing crimes for free, like a sucker.

I predicted this two months ago. Heckuva job, feminists.

Second look at Trump?

Up to a quarter of federal officials would at least consider leaving their jobs if Donald Trump were elected president, according to a poll from Government Executive magazine.


How much better off the Black Lives Matter folks would be if Frederick Douglass was their intellectual leader instead of the SJWs and Sharptons of the world.

“Senator Bernie Sanders is, it goes without saying, the leader of the imaginary-problem caucus.”

Praise god. Thank you, Ted.

Fuck the Drug War

As everyone with a brain predicted, Obama’s unilateral concessions to the Castros have accomplished nothing.

Go Kochs Go! Imagine that: “Trump’s popularity falls when voters are shown how working people have suffered as a result of his bankruptcies…”

Today in ‪#‎NotTheOnion‬: Uber has started leaving Bop-It toys in the backseat to distract drunk passengers.


Discussions with Intelligence Community officials have revealed that Ms. Clinton’s “unclassified” emails included Holy Grail items of American espionage such as the true names of Central Intelligence Agency intelligence officers serving overseas under cover. Worse, some of those exposed are serving under non-official cover. NOCs (see this for an explanation of their important role in espionage) are the pointy end of the CIA spear and they are always at risk of exposure – which is what Ms. Clinton’s emails have done.

Not only have these spies had their lives put in serious risk by this, it’s a clear violation of Federal law. The Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982, enacted due to the murder of the CIA’s station chief in Athens after his cover was blown by the left-wing media, makes it a Federal crime to divulge the true identity of any covert operative serving U.S. intelligence if that person has not previous been publicly acknowledged to be working for our spy agencies.

Hillary’s emails also include the names of foreigners who are on the CIA payroll, according to Intelligence Community officials. Since it can be safely assumed that several foreign intelligence agencies intercepted Ms. Clinton’s unencrypted communications, this directly threatens the lives of the exposed individuals. “It’s a death sentence,” explained a senior Intelligence Community official: “if we’re lucky only agents, not our officers, will get killed because of this.” (Agents are foreigners working for U.S. intelligence while officers are American staffers.)

CIA and the entire Intelligence Community are in panic mode right now, trying to determine which of our intelligence officers and agents have been compromised by EmailGate. At a minimum, valuable covers have been blown, careers have been ruined, and lives have been put at serious risk.

And what about those 30,000 emails that Ms. Clinton had deleted? “I’ll spend the rest of my career trying to figure out what classified information was in those,” stated an exasperated Pentagon counterintelligence official, “everybody is mad as hell right now.” “The worst part,” the counterspy added,” is that Moscow and Beijing have that information but the Intelligence Community maybe never will.”

Monty Python’s John Cleese condemns political correctness on campuses

“Let’s make this ignoramus Commander-in-Chief!” -Idiots

“I didn’t call the police after all, since I have been told several times by friends that the police tell victims there’s nothing they can do about it.”

Sweden’s sex ratio is now more skewed than China’s

eyeroll  Give me a fucking break

Unreal: “Oral Roberts University announced that it plans on requiring all freshmen to wear Fitbits to help fight the ‘Freshman 15.’ Their fitness data will allegedly be tracked by the school and will affect students’ grades. It is not clear how much physical activity the university is expecting or requiring of students.”

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