Your Morning Cup of Links

Students say burlesque show violated their safe space

If you’re one of those people (I’m not) who think men and women are the same and are equally capable in combat, then you have to be for women getting drafted. Equality, good and hard.

To add insult to injury, Cam Newton will pay a 198.8% tax to California on his bonus for playing in ‪the Super Bowl.

Leftist moves left, news at 11.

In defense of football

Poetry and the Russian soul

Big government creates massive inequality. Until the left acknowledges this, they shouldn’t be taken seriously on econ.

Look at this giant rabbit

“Marco Rubio’s debate flub reminds me why I like him”

I would say I can’t believe this, but then I remember who is President.

“It’s a mystery to me that conservatives are so miserable at the moment, when they are presented with such a desirable choice.”

America makes a U-turn in the Middle East


Abortion activists respond to funny Doritos ad about babies with bizarre Twitter rants

The Left’s meltdown over Super Bowl ads shows exactly how radical it’s become

NASA accused of censoring Christian employees

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