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Don’t worry, I have plenty to say about Scalia and the Left’s despicable and hypocritical behavior this week. I’ve just had a busy week and haven’t gotten to it yet, but I will.

Trumpcare is a mixture of socialism and incoherence

Meanwhile, in Yemen, another place everyone is ignoring because it might reflect badly on Obama.

Political correctness is a mask for Leftists’ intellectual insecurity

Yet a much stronger case can be made that the Left’s aggressive enforcement of its ideology stems, not from any victory-inspired confidence, but from the very opposite. It stems from recognizing that its most fundamental conviction—that a government of enlightened bureaucrats (like themselves) can best guide society—has never proved true in any country, be it communist, socialist, or social democratic…In the end, political correctness is best understood as the desperate last stand of a statist ideology that has been discredited wherever it has been tried.

He didn’t report to work for six years, and no one noticed until he won an award.

Must-read: “The Death of the Most Generous Nation on Earth.” The thing that will baffle future historians most is the enthusiastic suicide of Europe. It’s just insanity. Why? Why are you doing this to yourselves? How stupid can you be?

Good lord. Burn the public school system to the ground and start over and sink California into the sea.

Call it “democratic socialism” if it makes you feel better, but it’s really an old hippy regurgitating cut-rate Lenin.

Marine biologists discover crazy disco snails

Why Donald Trump is the Establishment candidate

This is awful: Troops betrayed as Army dumps hundreds of heroic war dogs

I’m so shocked. This is my shocked face. “Veterans groups are still waiting for money that was promised to them in the Trump fundraiser”

At a music shop in Israel, a violinmaker has been collecting stringed instruments once owned by inmates of Nazi concentration camps.

“When you combine fever-swamp leftism with his protectionism and border policies, Trump looks less like a new sensation in American politics and more like a famous and talented gene splice of an old-school Teamster and a millennial Salon.com editor. He’s an old-fashioned union Democrat and a new-fangled conspiracy theorist…He’s Pajama Boy with ’roid rage, tweeting until his thumbs fall off.”

Again, here’s your winner right here. Time to get serious, Republicans.

Yet another scandal that would end a Republican POTUS, but won’t even make the nightly news because it’s Obama.

Dear Trumpkins,
You’re doing fine, America is already great, and your feelings are dumb.

No one factor explains Trump, but this underlying resentment is at least in part a result of the Information Age, which is spurring one of the biggest experiments in relative deprivation in human history. People who once had little idea how others outside of their social circle lived now constantly compare themselves not just to their neighbors, but to the wealthy, and even to the super-wealthy. They are not just keeping up with the Joneses next door, but via the Internet and cable they’re keeping up with the Reeds down the street, the Browns in the next town, the Smiths in the next state, and the Kardashians all the way across the country. This is only possible because of new technology. When I was a kid growing up in a working-class home in the 1960s and 1970s, I knew there were people who were far better off than we were. I didn’t really know any of them, and I had no real idea how they lived. I rarely found myself in a house or apartment that was far nicer than my own. Everyone I knew was working-class or poorer. The rich didn’t live in my neighborhood.

Today, Americans live—at least in a virtual sense—in other people’s homes every day. They stay connected on social media, constantly inundating each other with pictures of vacations, graduations, and other life achievements and trophies. This occurs despite the fact, as Charles Murray recently pointed out, that people of different classes spend less actual time around each other in real life than ever before. The actual gulf among classes is wider, but the distance between them online is nonexistent. This preoccupation with other people’s lives isn’t healthy. We know it isn’t healthy, not just because it’s common sense, but because it’s actually been studied. Frequent Facebook users, for example, who tended to compare their own lives to those of their friends “experienced feelings of envy” and “were more likely to identify with statements corresponding to depression.” Well, of course they do: social media is like that.

Coached by liberalism and taunted by technology, otherwise sensible people embrace the angry rationalization that these electronically sanitized lifestyles are just out of their reach only because of some hidden unfairness. This unreasonable, insecure resentment has never had a better champion than one of the most unreasonable and insecure human beings ever to pollute American public life: Donald J. Trump.

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