Weekend Links

Ton Koopman will conduct the modern premiere of a previously unknown cantata by Handel in Amsterdam in April.

Bones found at prison may belong to real-life Tess of the d’Urbervilles

This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. Truly, The Worst Generation. “So there you have it; a group of Ivy League crybullies worn out from the emotional toll of protesting Natan Sharansky, a former dissident and survivor of years of confinement, including solitary confinement, in harsh Soviet prison camps. Is there a better indication of the decline of American higher-ed culture than a bunch of Ivy Leaguers at risk of emotional breakdown due to the presence of one of the great, stoic heroes of the Cold War on their campus?”

Excellent news: Drinking more coffee may reverse liver damage from booze

“There’s something endlessly fascinating about the left’s insistence that Clarence Thomas is not ‘authentically’ black—that this descendant of slaves, this grandson of sharecroppers, this hardworking man who rose to the grandest heights of the legal profession, is a traitor to his race and his class. I don’t know what it is about Thomas that drives the left so nuts, but it’s there, and it’s very real.”

A much-needed reality check from Charles C.W. Cooke

What a fucking asshole

“Clump of cells” – the Left

Pretty sad that Scalia’s son has to respond to crazy people spewing bullshit about his father’s death.

Discussing this in open UNCLAS personal email isn’t just a crime, it’s INSANE.

Disgusting, and not at all surprising.

Marine who led charge to place American flag over Iwo Jima has died. RIP, American hero.


YES: “Bring Back Dueling”

Good work by Dana Loesch here, but it won’t matter.

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