IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING! Several months too late, but I’m too happy to care. Better late than never. FINISH HIM, MARCO!

Rubio (and Cruz, who laid a few good punches on Trump as well) need to continue doing this for the next several weeks. Rubio is finally just having fun with it. Merciless mockery in a happy warrior fashion is exactly what’s needed.

If you didn’t watch the debate last night, this picture says it all. Well done, gentlemen.


Once more, with feeling…


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2 responses to “IT’S HAPPENING

  1. SlightlytotheRight

    It was Great! Hopefully, not too little too late. Tuesday should give us the results one way or another. On a side note, what the hell are Kasich and Carson still doing there (were they there last night)? For a great neurosurgeon, he’s clueless as to his chances.

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