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An open letter to Super Tuesday voters:

John Adams was right. “Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the governance of any other.” On Tuesday, you have an opportunity to demonstrate the character of the American people…And that means rejecting Donald Trump.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” Trump is running not for president of a constitutional republic but to be the strongman of a failing state. A virtuous people would stop him in his tracks. But are we a virtuous people? Tuesday will help tell the answer.

Just a reminder that this isn’t a fucking game show. We’re picking someone to lead men and women like this.

Trump doesn’t care about you, or American workers, or immigration law. He’s a grifter who sees you as an easy mark. I don’t know how you don’t see it by now, Trumpkins. Oh, and by the way, it’s highly unlikely that he has the billions of dollars he claims he has.

“Any president or judicial nominee who makes an argument from empathy – that it should matter to a judge who you are and what demographic characteristics you bear — should be understood as an enemy of the rule of law.”

I can’t even

Equipay is an app that takes the guesswork out of bill-splitting by factoring in the invisible: the pay inequalities experienced by women and people of color. After all, if a black woman only makes 64 cents for the dollar made by a white man for the same work, isn’t there something just a little problematic about them both forking over the same $34 for this Mexican food?

As an example, Malbroux described a $350 dinner bill between six friends in San Francisco. If a white man was joined by a black woman and an Asian man, the white man would pay $75, but his Asian friend would pay $89, since Asian men who work in the tech industry statistically make 22 percent more than their white male counterparts. Their black female friend, on the other hand, owes only $51, since her demographic is so ruefully underpaid on a systematic level. Thanks, Equipay!

The only thing universities are teaching kids these days is how to be mentally ill, Part 184,719

Incredible. Trump gets more Putin-esque by the day.

Good Ace post on Trump’s contempt for conservatives and how he behaves when he gets his ass kicked (hint: like Obama)

Why I am I banging on about Trump’s lack of knowledge and thinking on these thoughts? Because, unlike many, I don’t consider thinking and knowledge to be enemies of conservatism and principle. Rather, I consider them to be essential to it. If you’re going to be a conservative — if you’re going to fight the very powerful cultural forces that surround us and push liberalism on us as the easy path you won’t get beat up for — you’d better have some damn good reasons for doing so, or you’ll come apart like a cheap suit.

A big problem I have with Trump not knowing things, and clearly never have thought about things, combined with his obvious desire to pander and make the big sale, is that when he’s caught out without any good answer, and senses that he’s losing the room with an unpopular answer, he usually (75% of the time) tries to get back on the right side of popular opinion and embrace the liberal position on the issue. You couldn’t do that to Reagan, because Reagan always had a series of facts to back him up, and because he’d been thinking about things — not feeling about them; thinking about them, theorizing about them — for years…When Reagan felt he was addressing a hostile crowd, he didn’t immediately attempt to placate them by offering them a liberal position he flip-flopped to on the spot. Instead, he went into his mental note-card file and tried to convince them of the conservative opinion.

My problem with Trump is that he is a dealmaker trying to make a sale. Right now he’s trying to make a deal with conservatives — so this is the very most conservative we’ll ever see him. If he gets the nomination, he now starts working on making the second part of the deal with the other party in the negotiations, the general public. So this is the most conservative we’ll ever see Trump — this is the absolute most conservative he’ll ever be — and he’s not conservative at all…He combines liberal policy impulses with frankly authoritarian or even fascist ones, which he thinks are “what conservatives want,” because, frankly, he conceives of us as ugly-minded, stupid dummies.

I’m with Erick Erickson and the real conservatives. #NeverTrump

Shoulder-to-shoulder, my brother. Shoulder-to-shoulder.

This is fight-them-on-the beaches time. This is Agincourt. This is the moment at which the champions of liberty and limited government must pick up the kitchen sinks and cast them over and over and over again at the charlatan in the hairpiece. The alternative is to rebuild our movement from scratch, after a con artist has dismantled it with our permission. The alternative is to watch in horror as the slow rebuilding of the last seven years is exploded in a puff of vanity. The alternative is to spend another four years in opposition, this time under a shallow crook. Should the other Republican candidates have taken Trump on earlier? Yes, they should. But they didn’t. Now, they are. It would be an act of vandalism to leave them without a sail just as they began to right the ship. Too-little-too-late-ism is for post-mortems, not for battleplans. Time to gird those loins.


A Chicago-based ABC News affiliate apologized Friday evening after its graphics department accidentally included the McDonald’s logo in a story about Laquan McDonald, a 17-year-old black male who was shot and killed by Chicago police on Oct. 20, 2014.

Lol. Americans don’t want to watch a Lefty political rally/lecture interspersed with awards to movies they haven’t seen. Shocking!

Fuck you, Ben.

The art of the courtroom sketch


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