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The palace built by a postman, using stones from his route

I’m sorry, I thought this was America.

Connecticut lawmakers want to ban drones that are armed with guns and even flamethrowers.

This is perfect.

After Christie announced he would campaign for Trump, some Trump supporters, who are defined by their opposition to conventional politics, told me “it’s just politics.”
But at what point can shameless social-climbing and star-fucking no longer be shrugged off as savvy networking? When does it stop being just politics and start being a moral disgrace? Christie seemed to be asking himself those very questions Tuesday evening. For the first time in his public life, he looked disgusted with himself—and justifiably so.

Great Michael Gerson piece:

Many Trump supporters believe that Obama has changed the country in destructive ways — which I believe is true. But they also would change our country in ways that should make us sick at heart. For all our faults, we are a nation that prizes civility and respect. We give our neighbor the benefit of the doubt. We stand up for the little guy. We are grateful for our flawed and wonderful country. And we know our flag stands for shared ideals, not someone’s idea of shared bloodlines. All this is now at stake. It is time to stand up, to leave nothing that is necessary unsaid or undone, and to give our children an example of braveness and boldness in defending the decent, honorable, generous soul of our nation.

Good Randy Barnett piece on the need for a third party if Trump wins the nomination:

What the nation needs is a new party that is expressly dedicated to upholding the Constitution of the United States, however it may cut politically — a party that can attract principled conservatives, but also any American who is tired of crony capitalism, runaway government and rule by an out-of-touch political class. Should such a party split the GOP vote and throw the election to Hillary, this beats a Trump presidency, which would inevitably remake the Republican Party in the Donald’s own image. And, if Republicans hold onto Congress, divided government under Hillary beats one-man rule by a demagogue and his party.

The die-hard Republicans who say #NeverTrump. Couldn’t agree more with basically every word of this article. Here are a few of my favorites:

“I abhor the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency, but I have to choose the lesser of two evils. Conservatism survived FDR; we’ll survive Clinton. Will we survive the transformation of the GOP into an ethnic nationalist party?”

“I fully feel that even a single four-year term by either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders would be disastrous to the fundamentals and principles this nation was founded on. But a Donald Trump administration would be equally, if not more, disastrous. The difference is that with Donald Trump, conservatives and the Republican Party would be shackled to the mess created, bound at least by association to whatever tyranny he imposes, whatever disastrous policy he enacts on a whim, and whatever hateful, bigoted rhetoric follows in his wake by the alarming number of his followers I would never have imagined still exist in America today.”

“It may be true that the country I love and fought for has gone over the cliff and is willing to elect a narcissistic con-man as president, but I will never, under any circumstances, put my name to its death warrant.”

“The point is, Donald Trump is the repudiation of what I believe in, coming from within the party that I have worked for. His victory would be worse than Barack Obama’s because Trump would have captured the opposition to progressivism within this country. There would be no vessel for conservatism within the political process.”

“I, along with many others, will leave the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln, of Teddy Roosevelt, of Dwight Eisenhower, and yes of Ronald Reagan. Because it will no longer be their party, and it will no longer be my party. It will be Donald Trump’s party. And that, I will never support.”

As someone on Twitter said, it’s like every Tom Wolfe character coming out of the woodwork to endorse their fellow Tom Wolfe character.

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has praised Donald Trump for signaling that he wouldn’t be controlled by Jews as president. At a sermon in Chicago over the weekend, Farrakhan praised the Republican presidential front-runner as part of an anti-Semitic tirade.

The most insecure boy on the planet

Trump supporters are big government welfare statists, not conservatives, Part 9,713

Michelangelo’s ‘David’ gets a dust-off

Review of “Charlotte Bronte: A Fiery Heart”


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