Never give up. Never surrender. #NeverTrump


Better the GOP do battle with a know-nothing bigot (and lose the presidency) than become the party of know-nothing bigots (and still lose the presidency).”

“A lot of us come from modest backgrounds. Are working-class people now exempt from debate just because they harbor legitimate gripes about the economic realities of America? Or are we saying that Americans in a lower economic strata are uniquely susceptible to populist demagoguery? If you believe Trump can force Apple to build its phones in the United States, as the man claimed yesterday, you deserve derision. Not because you’re working-class, but because you’ll believe anything…Now, a major political party is about to succumb to illiberalism so it can emotionally satisfy this faction of irrational voters. America already has a party of protectionism, class warfare, and top-down economics. It doesn’t need two. It’d be better to burn down this iteration of Republican Party than leave it for the enemy to use in an arms race of government growth. It has nothing to do with securing the future of Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell, and everything to do with principles about free markets and limited government…Just as Trump and his infuriated fans could sink the aspirations of Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, traditional conservatives have the power to destroy the billionaire’s presidential future, as well. They can run a third-party candidate. It would be negligent if they didn’t.”

Donald Trump would be a worse president than Hillary Clinton…He’s surrounded himself in his campaign with low-intellect chuckleheads who have been selected for no reason other than their willingness to say literally anything on his behalf. He’s been endlessly fixated on polls since day one, which is a sure-fire indicator that he will govern based on what he polls tell him. And he has shown absolutely no ideological compass, except to the extent that it points left (which is why he repeatedly comes back to 9/11 trutherism, universal government run healthcare, and repeated praise of Planned Parenthood). He would, as the chief of state, destabilize the entire world with his insane rhetoric. He furthermore believes that as President, he would assume dictatorial control over United States trade policy, which he would use to disastrous effect…All things being equal, as a man with a family and children, I would probably prefer the slow decline of America under Hillary to the rapid collapse under Trump.
And make no mistake, Trump would lose to Hillary in truly epic fashion. While the media – who is heavily invested in Trump winning the GOP nomination – treats him as an amusing shock object right now, the second he passes the 1,237th delegate count, they are going to suddenly discover an interest in the ocean-sized well of scandal in Trump’s past. Scandal so deep and pervasive that the manifestly corrupt and fake Trump University is going to look like a charity. General election voters have still not really tuned in to Trump’s schtick, but once they are exposed to it, and to what a terrible and corrupt businessman Trump really is, they are going to run screaming in horror.
Which is exactly why the GOP had better hope that someone comes along and gives conservative voters a reason to go to the polls in November. Because if Trump takes a dive (which he definitely will), he’s going to take an absolutely massive chunk of the House and Senate with him, unless there’s a guy at the top of the ticket that conservatives want to show up and vote for. That still probably won’t save the Senate, but it will prevent the disaster from being as bad as it otherwise could have been.”

“I still hope, and pray, that Republicans won’t fall for this Democratic demagogue. But if Trump were to win the nomination, it would prove that the Party of Lincoln and Reagan was dead…The GOP has been a flawed vehicle to promote individual liberty, a sound national defense, and a dynamic economy. I had to swallow hard to vote for moderates like Romney and McCain. But voting for a big-government liberal is a bridge too far. If the keys are handed to a would-be strongman, I have no choice but to step out of the car and walk my own way. Unlike many in the GOP establishment, for me principle is always more important than power. My conscience can have it no other way. I joined the Party of Lincoln and the Party of Reagan. I will leave the Party of Trump. If that makes me a bad Republican, so be it. I seek to be a good American.”

“Our nation can survive lost elections, but over the long term it cannot survive a decayed culture. And by God I won’t vote for a man who takes a wrecking ball to the core values I hold dear. Those of us in the #NeverTrump camp are saying all this now — in the heat of the primary — not because we’re taking our ball and going home, but because we’re laying down a marker. We will fight Trump through every state, to the convention, and beyond. #NeverTrump isn’t a sign of surrender but rather a rallying cry. The battle, after all, is far from over.”

“The worst election result is not a Clinton or Sanders presidency, but a Trump presidency, where we have lost the credibility of opposition. It will fail to persuade others that limited government works, that liberty matters, that rights exist, and government is best when constrained. Trump’s election by the only party that even hints at these principles destroys credibility and undermines the long-term benefits of party principles.

No doubt there are those who will vote Trump no matter what, but what is not yet determined is whether he wins or loses, or whether he receives the approval of a majority of the country. Low voter turnout sends a clear message: We care about our principles and won’t endorse an authoritarian con-man. This about as organized-protest as I get, but a clear message is necessary: We do not endorse Trump…If conservatives seek to persuade others that small government is the way to go, it starts by rejecting Trump as forcefully as possible.”

“A vote for Trump is a vote against the principles that Republicanism and conservatism are built on. But I believe the case against Trump should go even further. I believe no American, conservative or liberal, should support Trump. He doesn’t simply violate conservative principles. He violates American principles. Donald Trump is a danger to self-government, civil liberties, the culture of democracy, and the ideals of a free and open society.

The case against Trump, then, is that he is an autocrat in democrat’s clothing, a tyrant in the wings, a bully who admires the ‘strength’ of tyrants and butchers, who finds a free press to be an inconvenience that he intends to tame with legal force once elected, a man who demonizes opponents and romanticizes violence, especially against minorities, who pines for the day when government could have its way with people without the trouble of constitutional law getting in the way.”

If it bleeds, we can kill it. March 15 is D-Day. #NeverTrump

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